Medical Staff Wanting To Leave Their Job After The Pandemic

Medical Staff Wanting To Leave Their Job After The Pandemic

After this pandemic is over, the very next great challenge in the health care sector for the United States might be retaining the very highly trained doctors, scientists, and nurses.

Around 1 in 5 employees that are working in the academic medical institution are now considering leaving their respective professions since they are under great stress due to coping with this pandemic, as per the researchers.

Medical Staff Wanting To Leave Their Job After The Pandemic

It is saddening to learn that, even during the time of some economic recession, which is one-fifth of their workforce are considering quitting their respective jobs due to the big levels of stress that they are experiencing as said by the senior author study Angela Fagerlia who is also the is chairperson of this population health sciences department at University of Utah’s School of Medicine, in the Salt Lake City.

Medical Staff Wanting To Leave Their Job After The Pandemic

Most of them are the people that have at least spent their 5 to 10 years in their adult lives in training for doing this kind of work. Yet, it is quite overwhelming and also burdensome that these were the people who were potentially thinking about giving it all as said by Fagerlin in a news release by the university.

Most of the studies have also examined whether they had multiple effects of stress, burnout, anxiety, and depression on the medical staff in the global pandemic, but only some of them have been included only in the frontline workers or as physician trainees. Some of them have properly addressed their family-work balance issues, which also included child care during this pandemic, as the study author has noted. This played a major role in the stress and burnout in the staff.

As per the study by the author Rebecca Delaney, who is also a postdoctoral research person at this university suspects that disturbing trends are likely to exist within the health care systems in the U.S… The findings are quite alarming and also a warning sign about the morale and well-being of the doctors and nurses and the nonclinical healthcare staff and scientists.

For this study, the researchers have surveyed that all the 27,700 non-clinical and clinical staff of the University of Utah Health staff, trainees, and faculty in the August of 2020. These investigators found out that women and men, and the ones without or with children alike, are struggling with this impact of COVID-19, as Delaney has said.

Around 48% of the total participants have around one child which is aged 18 or even younger, and around 49% of these have reported that managing virtual education and parenting their children was the main cause of stress for them.

Around 55% of the faculty and 60% of the total trainees have reported a decrease in their productivity. And around 47% of the total participants are worried that the pandemic might be affecting their career development. Around two-thirds of all the trainees are highly concerned as the findings showed.

The researchers have found that around 30% of the total participants are considering reducing the hours and around 21% are considering leaving their workforce.

It might be possible that higher employees with children aged 18 or even younger have responded to this survey as compared to those without the children, that is a study limitation, as the author has pointed out.

Although these researchers have also found out that depression, anxiety, and burnout are important, they need to put greater emphasis on their work-life balance, higher accessibility to dependent care, and also the ongoing social and psychological support which might prevent thousands of medical caregivers from joining the potentially devastating exodus.

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