Mayan Wisdom Academy Reviews – Ancient Proven Method To Remove Negativity Away From Life?

With Mayan Wisdom Academy Reviews,  you will never have to deal with misleading spiritual methods that are not going to help you in any possible way. Following various manifestation courses, spiritual courses, or anything that was meant to help you attain peace in life, might previously have turned you down with no results.

Mayan Wisdom Academy Reviews – Get The Real Facts About The New Spiritual Course!

Mayan Wisdom Academy Program is something different. So it’s ideal to go through the Mayan Wisdom Academy Reviews to understand more about the program and its legitimacy.

Mayan Wisdom Academy Reviews

What is Mayan Wisdom Academy? 

Mayan Wisdom Academy is a holistic approach to spirituality that would bring prosperity and peace into one’s life, making everything around him blissful. It cleans you inside out by fixing your body, mind, and soul and transforming you into someone with inner peace.

This has been a unique practice of the indigenous Mayans that would make you confident, positive and improve overall activeness in life. You will be able to take a firm decision and drive away negative thoughts that have been draining away all your energy. This program will remove all the setbacks in life that have been restricting you from financial freedom and abundance.

Who created the Mayan wisdom academy Course?

According to the official website, Sulbivarios is the founder of the Mayan Wisdom Academy. Her father was a renowned elder personality of the Mayan world. The founder tells that anybody will be able to know deep about themselves.

She went through sleepless nights and didn’t know how to face life situations until she inclined her focus on the traditional Mayan custom that changed her life. By doing so, she kept away from negativity and stress in life and identified the purpose of life and her existence. She wanted to help out as many people around in this world who have been struggling like her with life problems.

What will you experience in the Mayan Wisdom Academy?

  • Video Courses – Users will have thorough access to the video course collection by watching it any time they wish. Every user can decide about starting their path when they wish. They also get access every month to fresh content on demand.
  • Practical Exercises – This course provides practical exercises so that each person can add what they have learned into real life and notice the life changes happening. Thus everyone will be going through deep healing.
  • Meditations – This method lets you link the body, mind, and soul through time taken. Each month, users get to access new meditation content that’s well designed by spiritual leaders of Mayan Wisdom Academy. These users will be able to connect with their inner self deeper than they expect and get all the unwanted negativity away from life.
  • Live Webinars – Mayan Wisdom Academy will host a monthly live webinar session with the active participation of their spiritual leaders. This lets every student have direct interaction with leaders and access their wisdom in the comfort of their home. 
  • Members-Only Community – There are many souls in the Mayan Wisdom Academy Community and they will be helping each other reach their journey and achieve what they want in life. Through this, each of them supports one another to achieve holistic health.

Benefits of Mayan Wisdom Academy Program

  • Improve your health, by clearing diseases and emotional stress and worries.
  • Enjoy unlimited financial freedom, beliefs, and total abundance in life.
  • Improve Self-esteem and care about yourself more deeply.
  • Keep away toxic people who spread negativity in your life.
  • Develop spirituality and help people around you with healing and guidance.
  • Attain mental, emotional, and spiritual health with this program and manifest anything.

Who will be with you in this experience?

Mayan Wisdom Academy has got a panel of leaders who are Guatemalan indigenous. Spiritualists who have dedicated their whole life practicing, learning, and healing the negativity in life through the Mayan wisdom. You will get all the knowledge and information from them through this program.

The name of the leaders are listed below:

Tata Juan Manuel

Juan comes from a legendary family of renowned spiritual leaders including his father and grandfather who had expert knowledge in Mayan spirituality. Juan has been ahead of various spiritual and sacred institutions. His knowledge and commitment help to impart knowledge about the Mayan wisdom.

Nana Calixta

Calixta has been a Mayan leader with more than 35 years of experience in Mayan spirituality. She has been working along with the UN and other organizations to spread the knowledge of indigenous spirituality. Her poetic words have always motivated indigenous women and their empowerment.

Tata Carlos

Carlos was one of the most influential and renowned Mayan elders of all time with 45 years of experience in the field. He was an author of two books and traveled the world, imparting knowledge about Mayan Wisdom. Before he passed away, his knowledge and teachings were shared through a video.

Tata Juan and Tata Miguel

Juan has been a specialist in the Mayan world to keep away negative energy. His support was able to drive away illnesses and blockages from people’s life. Miguel and Juan are brothers from Chichicastenango. Miguel Specialises in healing people by teaching them about the sacred Cholq’ij. He is more into healing children and babies.

The name of the leaders - Mayan Wisdom Academy

Pros and cons of Mayan Wisdom Academy Course


  • Ancient proven method
  • Removes negativity and health blockages
  • Financial blocks and toxic relationships will be gone
  • A practical Mayan course to have abundance in life
  • It is a Missing link to holistic health.
  • Heal, grow and improve life from all aspects


  • Only an online program
  • Needs commitment and devotion

Is Mayan Wisdom Academy legit? 

Mayan Wisdom Academy has been a proven ancient method that has helped out people solve their blockages and change them spiritually. Many have shared their thoughts after spiritually transforming their lives and you can check them out through Mayan Wisdom Academy Reviews.

People were able to fix their toxic relationships, mental exhaustion, financial instability, and all sorts of negativity. The program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and it makes the product a legitimate way to spread spirituality.

Mayan Wisdom Academy customer reviews and complaints 

There weren’t many complaints about the Mayan Wisdom program as people were able to find inner peace and spirituality through this program. The Mayan Wisdom Academy customer Reviews point out that most people had a positive impact in their lives through this program.

Mayan Wisdom Academy Customer Reviews

Mayan Wisdom Academy pricing and availability

The Mayan Wisdom Academy  can be accessed in two different ways:

One year Plan

  • This one time plan is priced at $497 plus VAT
  • Each month there will be a new video course posted
  • Practical exercises will be shared every month
  • There will be monthly guided meditations
  • Webinar with a spiritual Mayan leader each month
  • Members-only community access

Monthly Plan

  • This is priced at $67 per month plus VAT
  • Every month a new video course
  • Practical exercise
  • Monthly meditations
  • Webinar session with a Mayan leader
  • Members-only community access
Mayan Wisdom Academy Price

Verdict  – Mayan Wisdom Academy Reviews

Reports claimed that many people had finally found the benefits of spirituality through the program. These users have shared their responses positively through Mayan Wisdom Academy Reviews. Users were able to get deep into their inner selves and stop the negativity around them.

Let the negativity go away and bring in honest fulfillment by manifesting success in life. People could heal, improve and grow in every aspect of their life by driving away mental stress, physical pain, toxic relationships, emotional stress, and financial struggles in life.

The program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and users can claim a refund when they feel it isn’t working for them as they wanted.

So you can try out the Mayan Wisdom Academy Program Today and enjoy a positive life by manifesting things you want.


Who can use the Mayan Wisdom Academy Program?

Anyone who is having negativity around them and has a stressed-out life can choose to access the program. Both men and women of any age can go for the program.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes, there is a 100% money-back guarantee that would last for 60 days. So users can request a refund within  60 days by mailing the customer support team.

Is Mayan Wisdom Academy legit?

The program has proved ancient methods that have helped many people. You can find out many Mayan Wisdom Academy Reviews online that prove the program legitimate.

Is the payment safe?

Yes, the payment done will be safe and secure through the Clickbank platform that has been in the market for more than a decade.

Who shouldn’t access the Mayan Wisdom Academy program?

Anyone below 18 must avoid the program.

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