Max Mittelman, Robbie Daymond, And Ray Chase Are Loud, Annoying, And Very Annoying

I have a question for the two “Mr. Osomatsu” actors [Mittelman and Chase]. Have you ever considered dubbing the banned first episode – even as the best episode?

Middleman: That’s all we wanted to do!

Chase: We begged her.

Middleman: Viz wanted to do it too.

Chase: Yes.

Middleman: It’s a Japanese thing. You can’t – It’s not a Japanese thing. It’s an American thing. They couldn’t get permission to put that many references on an American show. Japan could do it. We could not.

Chase: That’s how it is in there [“JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”]. You have to change all the booth names of all the musicians, the real musicians. We couldn’t.

Daymond: I do not know it. What is it?

Middleman: It’s the best anime episode ever.

Chase: If you’re watching an episode of “Mr. Osomatsu” watch, it is –

Middleman: The first episode.

Daymond: What happens?

Middleman: They mock every anime ever made at once. It’s hilarious. The animation style changes. It’s so cool.

Daymond: It’s like one of those old school “Looney Tunes” where they would walk into a bar and it would be every Hollywood person at all. Then they go through and scoff –

Middleman: But the animation would also change. There would be references to “Pokemon” and they would all look like “Pokemon” or whatever.

Daymond: It’s a license thing?

Middleman: It’s a license thing, yes.

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This interview has been edited for clarity.

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