Does Male Testosterone Support In COVID Survival?

Does Male Testosterone Support In COVID Survival?

A new COVID-19 related study finds that men who are having lower performance levels of testosterone are having higher risks for severe illness which leads to death. The research was conducted on males who have survived in Covid and also faced issues with their testosterone levels.

Does Male Testosterone Support In COVID Survival?

This research has given some surprising results to the experts. As per the research, the level of testosterone is an indicator to Covid and helps people with higher levels to survive in this condition also.

This study had included 300 symptomatic male patients who are tested positive for COVID-19 are been arriving in the emergency departments during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people were admitted to San Raffaele University.

Researchers reported that the patients who are having lower levels of testosterone hormone are having likely chances to the requirement of intensive care which is intubated on the ventilator for longer hours said the hospital. Patients with a lower level of testosterone are having a sixfold risk for death. These results were scheduled and published in the American council association of Urology.

Andrea Salonika is the author of this study and urology specialist, she stated that “at the starting stage of coronavirus all of them including we are seeing the men coming to the hospital compared to women who are suffering from severe variants of diseases”. In this case, we are taking immediate actions related to male hormone levels especially testosterone.

Salonika in a recent news press release reported that “we are expecting the cure for better causes and giving high proportions for COVID patients who are suffering from extreme lower levels of testosterone. Comparatively in many groups of healthy people who are mostly men. This relationship clearly stated that “the lower levels of testosterone is having greater severity level conditions and likely having a cause of deaths. “These are never seen situations from past 25 years of my career, high severity conditions are causing many deaths,” she said.

According to the reports, nearly 90 percent of the patients are having lower testosterone levels with 9.2 nanomoles per liter or even less. These reports are compared to the 305 healthy men with 17 percent who are named as a control group. The testosterone levels in COVID patients are having average values of about 205 nmol/L.

The patients who are suffering from mild symptoms and patients who didn’t require intensive or special care are having slighter levels of testosterone levels between nanomoles of 3 and 4. These Patients are compared to intensive care patients who are having a likely chance of death.

According to this study, researchers are accounting for their age, pre-existing health conditions, and weight to compare the significant differences in testosterone levels and their outcomes among COVID patients.

Researchers stated that “the data of COVID patients with lower levels of testosterone are having contracts with the diseases. to determine them particularly low level or pre-existing testosterone levels or the COVID infection attack made their lower levels. “We’re simply trying the best without any data source to know the variant and type of attack for patients with lower levels of testosterone”. Said Salonica

Salonica added, “testosterone is playing a role to protect men from this disease but it is also possible for the virus to induce the acute relation of testosterone levels”. When predisposes of men are having worse outcomes the sign given that severity levels of condition are started. Doctors and researchers are trying to follow up with the patients for longer periods to examine the testosterone levels over time. On this note, we can predict the questions and their answers.

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