Luke Cage Actors You Might Not Know Passed Away

In a series of flashbacks to Season 1 Episode 4, actor Craig muMs Grant portrayed a character from Cage’s backstory. In “Step in the Arena,” the series’ protagonist recalls the conspiracy and subsequent unjust imprisonment that ultimately led to his superhuman strength. While in prison, Cage meets and reluctantly becomes acquainted with Grant’s character, a fellow inmate nicknamed Squabbles.

Prior to joining the series, Grant starred in both Jim McKay’s Everyday People and Tom Fontana’s Oz, along with fellow Luke Cage star Cathey. Grant’s acting career began in 1999 and has seen the actor appear in a slew of primetime series, including Boston Legal, Blue Bloods, Cold Case, NCIS: New Orleans, and three different Law & Order franchises Grant has also had recurring roles in Spike Lee’s film spin-off series She’s Gotta Have It, Christian Keyes’ All The Queen’s Men, and Rebecca Perry Cutter’s STARZ series Hightown Grant was best known for his roles in 2005’s Black Water, 2013’s Side Effects, and 2017’s critically acclaimed Good Time (via IMDb) with Robert Pattinson, both before and after his success as Actor walked past Grant and was often called “muMs” by his slam poetry and stage name.

Moms died of complications from diabetes in March 2021, his manager Sekka Scher confirmed at the time of his death (via The New York Times). The actor, rapper, playwright, emcee and poet whose career and legacy has been recognized and discussed at length in a virtual memorial (via YouTube) was just 52 years old.

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