Loosening The Laws For The Treatment Of Drug Addicts

Loosening The Laws For The Treatment Of Drug Addicts

From the recently published article by the US Government, it is clear that the government is now easing the requirements that made the tasks for the doctors a lot more difficult to treat the patients from opioid addiction mainly through the medications.

Loosening The Laws For The Treatment Of Drug Addicts

According to the new guidelines announced recently, meant that doctors and other health co-workers will not require extra hours of training to prescribe the medication of buprenorphine which is considered to be one of the best medications to put a control on cravings. Moreover, the officials claimed that now the doctors and the co-workers no longer have to refer the patients to counselling services.

Loosening The Laws For The Treatment Of Drug Addicts

Under the new and a bit loosened guideline issued by the US government claimed that now the doctors can prescribe the medication of buprenorphine to around 30 patients at a time. Basically, it comes in a pill or a film that is meant to be dissolved under the tongue which costs around a hundred dollars per month.

A common type of buprenorphine is Suboxone. Because of the action of opioids on the brain of the patient which is majorly adverse, people tend to get dependent on them and they become sick if they stop the intake of it. With the withdrawal of the drug, cramps, sweating, anxiety is seen in most cases. Cravings for the dose can be very intense.

Buprenorphine helps the patients who are addicted to the use of opioids by moving the patients from the use of powerful painkillers or the use of harmful opioids like heroin to a regular a low dose of opioids by which is based on the prescribed medication.  

According to recent statements, not only the doctors but also the nurses, physicians, assistants can also prescribe the medication of buprenorphine without any special training. The Trump Government also tried to do the same, loosening the restriction in the final days but it only restricted to the doctors and not the other staff who are involved in the health practices.

The new Biden Government studied the laws with legal holdings and reviewed the policies to expand the guidelines that can make the job of the doctors and the other co-workers easy as they can prescribe the medication without any special training.

Brendan Saloner who is a researcher at the Bloomberg School of public health claimed that it is done to expand the number of treatments at a particular period. This will help the patients from hospitals, prisons, health centers where the addicts mainly go for the medication.

The American Association of medicine welcomed the change and also urged to remove obstacles for prescribing the medication. The US drug overdose deaths have been rising in this period of the pandemic.

The centers for disease control and prevention reported 90 thousand deaths in the past 12 months, which is the highest that has been recorded in a one-year slot. The change will surely increase the number of prescribers and the patients who are receiving the medication.

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