“I Will Not Live This Forever”Supermodel Linda Evangelista Explained Her CoolSculpting Surgery- What Happened To Linda Evangelista?

“I Will Not Live This Forever”Supermodel Linda Evangelista Explained Her CoolSculpting Surgery- What Happened To Linda Evangelista? The renowned Canadian model Linda Evangelista has been living in seclusion for the last five years after being disfigured through non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

Recently, she spoke out about her current condition, which she describes as “unrecognizable” and also criticized CoolSculpting’s parent company.

The Famous designer who posted an Instagram post about her procedure in September 2021. She also shared her whole experience with the fad cosmetic procedure CoolSculpting, an effective fat-freezing treatment that is an alternative that is not invasive to liposuction. This is what happened to one the most famous supermodels of the 1990s.

What changed Linda Evangelista’s life?

Linda Evangelista, 56, recently spoke with People to discuss the cover story in its forthcoming issue on the treatment that causes the development of the appearance of lumps around her bodies. Linda Evangelista, 56, says “I enjoyed walking at the top of the catwalk.

"I Will Not Live This Forever"Supermodel Linda Evangelista Explained Her CoolSculpting Surgery- What Happened To Linda Evangelista?

Today, I am afraid of running into someone I’m familiar with. I’m not going to live this way for long, hidden in shame. I simply couldn’t endure this kind of pain anymore. I’m finally ready to talk.”

The Evangelista describes that she had seven times of CoolSculpting surgery between August 2015 until February the year 2016. After three months of the procedure, she’s noticed some bulges under her chin, in her thighs and the upper back.

She explained that the procedure was performed to reduce the same regions. However, the results showed the more hardened bulges, which eventually changed into Numbs.

Then, she explained that even though she tried a variety of exercises and diets to improve her own problem, none of them worked. After she saw a doctor to find out the cause, the diagnosis was Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia (PAH) it is a very rare consequence of CoolSculpting surgery.

A healthy diet and regular exercise won’t aid in overcoming this disease.

PAH is result of the freezing process that promotes the expansion and thickening tissue fat.

Linda Evangelista V/S Zeltiq Aesthetic Inc.

A representative from Zeltiq Aesthetic Inc, the parent company behind CoolSculpting stated that CoolSculpting is a FDA-approved fat-freezing procedure that has been tested with more than 100 studies and more than 1 million treatment sessions have been performed until now.

He said that information on side effects such as PAH was provided to each patient.

But, Linda claimed that she wasn’t informed of potential adverse effects of the procedure. She also said that she’s planning to file an action for Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting.

In Instagram: Instagram, “I was brutally damaged by Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting process that delivered the exact opposite of what it claimed to do. It actually increased, not reduced my fat cells and caused me to be permanently deformed, even after I had two painful, ineffective, corrective procedures.

I’ve developed Paradoxical Adipose hyperplasia or PHA which is a possibility of which I wasn’t conscious prior to having the procedure”.

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