Life Is Strange True Colors Game Pass, When Is Life Is Strange True Colors Coming To Xbox Game Pass?

Life Is Strange True Colors Game Pass

Life is Strange True Colors Xbox Game Pass. The game is slated to be available on Xbox this month. Below are the details on the release date as well as other games. The game consists of a storyline in episodic format. It is true that Life is Strange is now available for free on Steam for PC and PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One. However, you have to pay if you have to explore the last four episodes to complete the story. Swipe the article down to learn more about Xbox Game Pass game titles. Life Is Strange True Colors is coming to Xbox Game Pass on April 12th.


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Life Is Strange True Colors Xbox Game Pass Story

Alex Chen is given the ability to pick up on the emotions of others. We can say that this is a trait of a dark empath. However, it is a curse to understand everything. In this game, Alex has no other option to use her power to connect with the truth. The game revolves around the adventure genre. However, the game has been released on various platforms which include Steam. Xbox recently announced that the game will be added to the Game Pass this month (first half of April). If you are an avid gamer, you have the opportunity to complete the game in less than 7 hours

The main goal can be to focus on the game and play it. But how long does the game last forever, one wondered? Does the game last? About 10 hours. If you are a passionate gamer who wants to complete the game 100%, including the side quests, you will have to spend around 13 hours on it. Let’s dive in to learn more about Life Is Strange True Colors Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass April titles

S.No New version release date
1 Chinatown detective agency 7th of April
2 dragon age 2 7th of April
3 Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 7th of April
4 Star Wars: Squadrons 7th of April
5 Life is Strange: True Colors 12. April
6 2nd Panzer Corps 12. April
7 The dungeon of Naheulbeuk 12. April
8th Lost by accident April 14th

Life Is Strange True Colors Gaming Platforms

S.No platform
1 MicrosoftWindows
2 PlayStation 4
3 PlayStation 5
4 Xbox One
5 Xbox Series X and Series S
6 Google Stadia

Life Is Strange True Colors time range

specifications Time
main story 10 hours
Main Story + Extras 11 and a half hours
completion 13 hours
All styles 11 and a half hours

Life Is Strange appreciates the hours spent on the main game.

platform main gameplay
Google Stadia 11h 39m
Nintendo switch 10h 30m
personal computer 10h 19m
PS4 10h 18m
PS5 10h 09m
Xbox One 10h 30m
Xbox Series X/S 10h 48m

Life is Strange True Colors Game Pass Reddit

Life Is Strange True Colors Game Pass is now an active topic on Reddit after the release dates were announced. Fans show their curiosity through digital art. And one player complained that he played the game for 4 hours but couldn’t save it. In addition, it is hectic to watch the cutscene again. The game doesn’t have an option to skip between cutscenes as this game wants to have a cinematic setting. Players Discuss PS5 Has Some Issues; A highly compatible PC can make the gaming experience much better.


Image source: Reddit

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