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Binge watching series and dramas were the best part of our busy day. There are many dramas that keep us hooked from the characters and the cast. The stories can be so captivating that you’ll stay up together for hours just knowing what happens next. One of the dramas that is trending is Legacies. Legacies is one of the most watched dramas and well known to audiences. The plot and characters enhanced the whole drama. The main plot of the drama is so interesting to watch and leaves you wanting more. One of the main reasons for the drama’s success is the cast. The entire main and supporting cast of the drama did their characters justice. Want to know more about the entire cast? Read on to learn more about Legacies Cast.

Legacies series cast

Find out more about the cast of the popular series Legacies from the table below

cast names character names
Danielle Rose Russell Hope Michaelson
Aria Shaghhasemi Aria Shaghhasemi
Kaylee Bryant Josie Saltzman
Jenny Boyd Lizzie Saltzman
Quincy Fouse MG

Legacies Cast Images

1. Danielle RoseRussell

Image Source – Twitter

2. Aria Shahghasemi


Image Source – Twitter

3. Kaylee Bryant

Image Source – Twitter

4.Jenny Boyd

Image Source – Twitter

5. Quincy Fuuse


Image Source – Twitter

Storyline of the Legacy series

The Legacies series is based on the main character Hope Mikaelson, the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall. She is said to have the characteristics of a vampire, werewolf and witch. The story is the continuation of The Originals series. The story of Legacies begins after two years. Here we see Hope joining the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted, where she is taught to control her body and impulses.

Where to watch Legacies series?

Legacies is very popular because of its cast and storyline. So if you look at the cast, you might be intrigued to see the drama. I’m right? The next question that comes to your mind now is where to see Legacies. There are many platforms with thousands of series and movies, but you may not know where to watch Legacies. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Legacies is now available on Amazon Prime Video. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy watching Legacies only on Amazon Prime Video.

Legacy series overview

specifications details
title legacies
genre Drama, Supernatural, Fantasy
release date October 25, 2018
seasons 4
episodes 62
language English

Legacies series trailer

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