Kroger's Vaccine Mix-up

Kroger’s Vaccine Mix-up

On Thursday Kroger, a retail company and America’s largest supermarket issued a statement admitting that one of their stores in Virginia has made a mistake while administering the vaccine. A Little Clinic in Virginia reportedly gave “empty shots” to customers who had opted for the Covid-19 vaccine.

The company has around 220 Little Clinics that are operating in over nine states. The company explains that a small number of people were vaccinated at the clinic in Virginia. The store which is situated off the Midlothian Turnpike ended up administering vaccines that were empty. Previously, the company allegedly stated that the vaccine was just a saline shot.

According to the statement issued by the national retail company, “All impacted customers were contacted and have now received the COVID-19 vaccine. We apologize for this oversight and the inconvenience caused for these customers.”

Kroger’s Vaccine Mix-up

Another cause for concern is the fact that the number of people who have been affected is not known. The company just explained that those who were affected, had been contacted and the situation was remedied. 

Carrie Hawes, one of the people who were given the empty shot, explained her experience. Hawes falls under the category of group 1B. This category features people who come under the age bracket of 65 years and younger. Group 1B also has underlying health problems. 

Kroger's Vaccine Mix-up

Hawes explains that she had scheduled a Johnson & Johnson vaccine shot on Monday. She received a call the next day where she was notified of the mistake. She stated that she “talked to a manager right away and they explained that there had been a mistake made – that we had been given saline only. There was no vaccination material. My initial reaction was shock and surprise, and a little anxiety.”

Two hours later, Carrie Hawes arrived at the Kroger-operated Little Clinic. She emphasized that they were very open about the whole process. Hawes stated, “They were very clear with me when we went in. They showed us the vial to make sure it was Johnson and Johnson, pulled out the vaccine, she showed me again.”

Hawes is firm in her belief that what took place was merely a mistake and it shouldn’t put people off from protecting themselves via the vaccination. “Yes, it’s unfortunate that a mistake happened, but it was a small number of people. The situation was fixed,” Hawes proclaimed. “I get that it’s been a long year and there isn’t a lot of trusts sometimes in our systems and the process, but I think everyone has the best intentions and the end result is to get as many people as we can vaccinated, as quickly as we can so we can all be protective of our community.”

Kroger was extremely transparent about the matter. They claimed that the nine people who were affected by the mistake were contacted and the problem was corrected. The company even made sure to retrain the team that made the mistake. With regards to those who were affected, the company assures that no injuries were incurred by any of the people who were affected. 

“We apologize for this oversight and the inconvenience caused for these customers – This was immediately addressed… We are working closely with the Virginia Department of Health on this matter,” Kroger said in a statement pertaining to the vaccine mix-up. 

The Cincinnati-based retail company declared that it has already played a pivotal role in delivering a million vaccinations in a body to combat the Covid 19 virus. Kroger maintained that their policy at present is to not charge customers for the vaccine. The only payment required was the administration fee which was skilled to the customer’s insurance.

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