Klaus’ Best Line In The Umbrella Academy Season 2 According To Fans

In Season 2, Klaus tells Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman), “Be honest, the healthiest long-term relationship in this family is when Five banged that mannequin.” Klaus’ adoptive brother number five (Aidan Gallagher) spent nearly fifty years in the post-apocalypse with a mannequin named Dolores as his only companion before finally figuring out how to return to his original time.

Screenshots of the scene are posted to the r/UmbrellaAcademy subreddit by u/thejonkler with the caption “I meannn”. Lots of other comments suggest Klaus might be on to something. Fans of The Umbrella Academy will recall that Five’s relationship with Dolores was uncomfortable, tragic and perhaps even a sign of insanity at first, but quickly and unexpectedly became very touching.

Yes, Five befriended a mannequin because he literally had no one to talk to (think Tom Hanks’ Chuck Noland and Wilson in Cast Away, but Chuck is a fifty-year-old trapped in the body of a thirteen-year-old is and can somehow time travel). And yes, even Dolores’ name reflects that deep loneliness. But then we see how far he will go to protect the mannequin, as well as the extreme devotion and tenderness he has for her.

Much of the effectiveness of the relationship depends on the performance of Gallagher himself. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, he said: “If I were to do a scene with her, I would do a dialogue for her. He would have a real interaction with her, a real conversation, and for that he needs a real character. So Five plays the role of Dolores.”

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