Kingdom Chapter 720: Riboku’s Masterplan! Release Date


One of the most exciting story arcs that fans have been waiting for is the current one in Kingdom Manga. Coming up this week is Kingdom Chapter 720 with a proper release this week. It could be seen that Commander Riboku was ready to annihilate Kanki’s entire army without considering the collateral damage this would inflict on his army. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about the latest chapter.

On the following outing, Shin and Mouten will charge up the flying wedge transformation while Riboku sits and enjoys the dance of warfare. So, Chapter 720 looks at how these two attacks will converge and collide in the future. Fans are already excited to see Kanki unleash his fury once again in the war.

Kingdom Chapter 720

Kingdom Chapter 720: What Will Happen Next?

The following chapter of Kingdom begins with the continuation of the war. Commander Riboku is confident he could take down most Qin Numbers in no time. As Shin left the right side and went to the other part, Riboku claimed that he was attacking the center of the army. That was Kanki’s part he was talking about.

Therefore, Kingdom Chapter 720 will begin with Riboku in response to the attack that Commanders Mouten and Shin are planning. He ignored the strike they were planning and would attack his armies directly at the front lines. So, will Kanki be able to get help from Shin after betraying her mid-fight? Fans are already excited to see what comes next in this story of war.

Kingdom Chapter 720

Summary of the previous chapter!

Chapter 719 of Kingdom began with Commander Rei telling his men that they were about to strike a great blow. They planned a large flying wedge formation to be led by Commanders Mouten and Shin. But since most of the battles had already taken place, Riboku knew exactly how to break formation and get to the core of the armies. He told his men to remain in the positions they were already in.

That way, Shin wouldn’t think anything was intimidating his army. Mouten later told his men that even in the face of the worst of odds, they had to keep a positive attitude. And so they all charged at Zhao’s army with full force. At the end of the episode, Zhao was seen claiming that the entire army of Qin would be slaughtered because of Riboku’s plan.

Kingdom Chapter 718

Kingdom Chapter 720: Release Date

The week break ended with a fantastic release. War is at its most vulnerable part. So Kingdom Chapter 720 will be released non-stop this week. The chapter will be released on May 15, 2022. Fans can read all chapters of the manga only on Kodansha official sites. Stay tuned to The Anime Daily for more daily updates on ongoing anime and manga.


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