Khonshu’s New Look In Moon Knight Episode 6 Is A Very Dark Easter Egg

In Episode 6 of Moon Knight, Khonshu wears a sleek white suit that is quite different from his typical attire. For many viewers, this may just be a visual decision, but this suit may actually have a deeper meaning. Readers of Jeff Lemire’s 2016 episode of Marvel Comics “Moon Knight” will likely recognize that this suit looks very similar to a Khonshu he wears in those comics. The run itself is already steeped in darkness when Marc wakes up in a psychiatric facility and wonders if Moon Knight ever existed. But the series takes it a step further with the characterization of Khonshu, who appears in a new white suit for the first time in issue #1.

Gone is the traditional robe in which the deity is usually seen. And it’s not just the suit that’s changing. Khonshu is less of a vengeful protector and more of a villainous character. His treatment of Marc is harsher and less forgiving in the first issue, but descends into outright villainy in issue #3. Khonshu confirms that he benefits from Marc’s dissociative identity disorder because he is easier to control. In his struggle to escape from the hospital, Marc loses one of his friends, Jean-Paul, but Khonshu doesn’t give Marc any respite and pushes his ship to its breaking point.

While Khonshu is certainly a tough customer in the Moon Knight series, he doesn’t cross the line into outright antagonism just yet. However, should the show go ahead, this final costume choice could hint at where we might see the character in a hypothetical Season 2.

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