Karen Gillan Would Return To Doctor Who Under One Condition

Karen Gillan’s requirements for a return to Doctor Who are simple: she will if her two previous co-stars – Matt Smith (who plays The Eleventh Doctor) and Arthur Darvill (who portrays Rory Williams) – join her. Their terms are simply stated, but the possibility of all three returning could be more difficult than it sounds. Smith is currently starring in a Game of Thrones spin-off called House of the Dragon, and Darvill recently completed a five-year run on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow as Rip Hunter.

Not to mention the story hurdles such a reunion of their characters would require. Not above a slight retcon here and there, Doctor Who thrives on reintroducing characters that fans would otherwise have written down in the annals of history. But Gillan and Darvill’s roles weren’t just dropped — they were given a tangible happy ending and a few tombstones. While time is a ridiculous concept for the Doctor and his companions, this particular situation is undeniably difficult to renegotiate.

However, that does not mean that such a re-entry would be undesirable. Amy Pond (Gillan’s role) and Rory Williams are some of the most beloved companions to ever accompany the Doctor’s adventure. Should a blue moon bring the trio back together, there’s no doubt fans would be flocking to the news, just as they’re already reveling in the news of David Tennant and Catherine Tate returning for part of the special for the 60th anniversary.

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