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Jungle Pam: The Strange Story What Happend To Jungle pam Today? Where Is The Car Drag Race Queen Jungle Pam Today?

The Strange Story What Happend To Jungle pam Today? Where is The Car Drag Race Queen Jungle Pam Today?Racing is a sport that lots of people enjoy watching and was a favourite sport for a lot of people in the 1960s and the 1970s.

There are many kinds of racing sports for cars like open-wheel racing.

One type of car racing that isn’t as well-known like sports car racing, however is as classy and athletic like other racing activities is called Funny Drag racing in cars.

The Strange Story What Happend To Jungle pam Today

If you’re an individual who has a good understanding of humorous drag racing in cars you may have heard of Jungle Jim and Jungle Pam numerous times.

jungle pam

Jungle Pim was one of the most well-known racers in humorous drag racing.

his wife, Jungle Pam who wasn’t even driving the first time was a star in car drag racing that was funny during the 1970s.

The Early Days Of Jungle Pam

Pamela Hardy, popularly known as Jungle Pam was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Jungle Pam was born around 1951 and was involved in drag racing for funny cars during the 1970s.

Jungle Pam was introduced to the legendary Jim Liberman, famously known as Jungle Jim when she was just 18 years old. their meeting took place about two weeks prior to her school’s graduation.

After she completed her education in the primary school, Jungle Pam enrolled at the West Chester State

University but her friendship of Jungle Jim made her drop out of the University and she went on to become a hilarious drag racing car star.

What Was The Story Of Jungle Pam?

Jungle Jim met Jungle Pam when he was driving through roads of West Chester, Pennsylvania and for Jim it was the first time they had met.

Jungle Jim invited Pam into one of his parties, and Pam was present at the event.

After a short time, Jungle Jim and Jungle Pam began dating and Pam began appearing on the humorous race car events hosted by Jungle Jim.

Pam did not know she was Jim had a name that was well known as a auto drag racer, and it was Jim who first introduced Pam to the world of hilarious drag racing in cars.

Pam gained fame in the 1970s thanks to funny drag racing in cars as they were the friends of popular comedian, Jungle Jim.

In a game that was predominantly male, Jungle Pam who was not even a racer became popular after she joined Jim’s team.

She became the talk of the race. The Jungle Pam could be seen cheering for Jim along with his squad. She was the team’s cheerleader team, and was also known as the lucky attraction for Jungle Jim.

The couple was also known as Jungle King and Jungle Queen.

The impact of Jungle Pam’s presence on entertaining drag racing in cars was so huge that a lot of fans bought tickets to watch Jungle Jim and Jungle Pam.

The Death Of Jungle Jim

Jungle Pam who has been an energetic and positive character in the world of car drag racing has been ruined by her boyfriend’s death. Jungle Jim.

Jungle Jim died in 1977 when his Corvette car was involved in an accident. He was seriously injured on the head during the crash.

Jim was just 31 years old of age when he passed away. The passing of Jungle Jim left Jungle Pam broken and lonely.

Jungle Pam was clueless of what she wanted to do without Jim but her love for humorous drag racing on cars led her to continue the sport.

She traveled around the world and was a part of many humorous drag racings.

Is It Jungle Pam Now?

Today, Jungle Pam is now 65 years old. aged and is a happily married woman who has two children.

Following the death of Jungle Jim, Jungle Pam got married to Fred Frey and later got divorced. Jungle Pam then got married Bill Hodgson.

Jungle Pam is often seen at humorous drag racing events , and everyone are still excited to meet her.

Jungle Pam remains to remain Jungle Pam and the fans of hilarious drag racing are still awed by this legendary female who controlled an athletic sport that was dominated by males.

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