Joints For Jabs Vaccine Program Falling Flat

Joints For Jabs Vaccine Program Falling Flat

The outbreak of the deadly virus has been spreading like wildfire all across the world. This pandemic which started in 2019, has been very difficult to control. It has not affected only one country in the world but all the countries in the world. All the countries have been taking various safety measures, following the guidelines, imposing restrictions, and lockdown.

Joints For Jabs Vaccine Program Falling Flat

The whole world was shut down due to this coronavirus outbreak in 2020. And people across the world have lost their families, friends, and even their own lives due to this pandemic. This pandemic has not cost the lives of people around the world but also the economy of the countries and the world. Many people have lost their jobs because of the decline in the economy.

Joints For Jabs Vaccine Program Falling Flat

Among all the countries, the United States of America has been at the top of the list, which has the highest number of the affected cases in the world and the highest number of death rates. As per the current reports, the United States of America has a total of 3.3 crore infected people and the total number of death counts is more than 9.4 lakhs. Even though the recovery rates are high, the number of new covid-19 infections is increasing. After the country started giving out vaccination to the people the spread of the infection is under control. But some so many people mentioned in one of the surveys that they will take the vaccinations only if necessary. After seeing their families and friends, they even scheduled their appointments and will be vaccinated shortly. And some of the other groups of people mentioned that they would never take the vaccinations. It is believed that some of these people are scared that these vaccinations will cause adverse effects on their health. 

To encourage people to take vaccinations, the government is trying hard by introducing so many programs to the people. As per the recent reports, in Washington, some of the people have come together and started unique programs to encourage people to get vaccinated. This program is called joints for jabs and this program is off to a rough start. The officials of the State mentioned that more than 500 licensed marijuana retailers could begin hosting vaccine campaigns and offering a single, free pre-rolled marijuana to the people who are above the age of 21 years who have received a shot at the campaign.

It is also stated that it is open to the many vaccine incentives being offered in Washington, including free pints of beer, sports tickets, and prize money to lure those hesitant to take the vaccination shots or people who are just lazy. Washington and Colorado in 2012 were the first to legalize the adult use of marijuana, with regulated sales beginning in 2014. This industry brought Washington close to $474 million in taxes in the last fiscal year. Few things are still illegal under the federal government and the hurdles to offering the free joints are substantial enough for the state’s legal pot shop to take part in the campaign programs.

Retailers told that at the state Liquor and Cannabis Board meeting that many don’t have the space to start the vaccination campaigns. Some of the health care providers are queasy about setting up the vaccination campaigns next to the marijuana business because they don’t have to jeopardize federal funding by being involved in the distribution of an illegal drug. Retailers also mentioned that breweries, wineries, and bars offer free drinks to those people who have got their vaccinations, no onsite clinic required.

They also mentioned that even they want to be a part of this. And they are questioning that why can’t they do it like the wineries and breweries. 

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