Johnson & Johnson Single-Shot Covid-19 Vaccine Gets US FDA Recommendation

Johnson & Johnson’s single-shot Covid-19 jab is set to become the third vaccine in the US to be allocated for emergencies. This comes in after Pfizer and Moderna that saw provisional approvals by the FDA back in December. 

Johnson & Johnson Single-Shot Covid-19 Vaccine Gets US FDA Recommendation

The hardest-hit country of the world saw panelists voting unanimously and in favor of the Johnson & Johnson single shot Covid-19 inoculation. Thus, paving the way for the country to forge ahead with the shipping of the vaccines for emergency approvals. The health officials of the country lauded the move citing a third vaccine would speed up the vaccination process. 

Johnson & Johnson Single-Shot Covid-19 Vaccine Gets US FDA Recommendation

The board members for the FDA comprised of 22 of several renowned scientists to consumer and industrial representatives. The nod for the J&J vaccine has been sanctioned by the food and drug admin experts. Ones that constitute the administrative authorities. 

The FDA sign-off could lead to millions of vaccine doses being circulated across the US starting next week. This is without necessitating the need for any specialized unit for cold storage of the vaccines. 

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is slated to be protective against the worst side effects of Covid-19 with just one shot. A vaccine that can be stored at normal refrigerator temperatures for a span of up to three months. Thus, reducing the hassles of vaccines that earlier had to be frozen. 

The USA has seen massive numbers both in case count and deaths. The pandemic took 5,00,000 lives and is continuing to ravage the country. The new supplies are indeed needed to bolster the vaccination drive for a virus that is mutating. 

US President, Joe Biden acknowledged the news confirming a safe and effective vaccine by J&J that is in the offing. Thereby giving relief to the strained healthcare system that is struggling to battle the virus. The president vouched for vaccinating 100 million people during his first 100 days in office. 

Johnson & Johnson is working to deliver a record-breaking 20 million doses ending March by ramping up their production. The benefits of the vaccine far outweigh the risks in the case of adults. Recording a minimum 72 percent efficacy at prevention of moderate to severe cases of Covid-19. The vaccine even registered for being effective to the tune of 85 percent in severe cases for Covid-19 in the US. 

Though the two-dose vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna had higher efficacy of 95 percent, J&J does not rank that high. The 85 percent efficacy dropped to a low of 66 percent when the combined effect was chalked out with the inclusion of moderate cases. This has put a cloud over the public perceptions related to the J&J vaccine upon launch.

A second-tier adage is not applicable for J&J given the combined studies of its effectiveness. Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine has been tested across Latin America, South Africa, and the US when the mutated version of the virus was up in full swing. Whereas the test results for earlier vaccine variants are inconclusive. 

100 million doses have been pre-ordered from Johnson & Johnson by the US government. One that has cost a whopping 1.5 billion dollars and is expected to near completion end of June. The US has covered 47 million people roughly amounting to 14 percent of the population with its vaccination drive. 

The recipients have been given one of the two-dose vaccination starting from December, that saw Pfizer and Moderna notching up their production capacities. 

However, the weather being adamant and frequent winter storms led to disruption in vaccination hitting both supplies and pace. With more and more vaccines being in the pipeline it is to be seen how fast and effectively the challenges are met. 

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