How The J&J Covid - 19 Vaccine Impact Women’s Health

How The J&J Covid – 19 Vaccine Impact Women’s Health

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, along with the US Food and Drug Association, has lifted the waver on the vaccine.

Recommendations are made to resume its dosages at the earliest after updating its label for blood clot risks.

How The J&J Covid – 19 Vaccine Impact Women’s Health

The vaccines were held back, and warnings were issued after initial reports of blood clotting followed by the shots.

How The J&J Covid - 19 Vaccine Impact Women’s Health

Initial criticalities associated with the shots.

The vaccines were put on hold after there were reports of blood clots among six female patients between 18 to 49 years of age followed by vaccination. 

An estimated 8 million doses were administered, out of which there were 15 confirmed cases of blood clotting.

They were identified as cases of thrombosis, having clots of low platelet count, known as thrombocytopenia syndrome. 

The initial halt of the vaccine was meant to notify the medical professionals about the possible blood clotting risk associated with the doses.

Advantages exceeding probable risks.

The acting FDA Commissioner Dr. Janet Woodcock stated that the vaccine has recognized benefits that counterbalance its potential risks when administered to individuals of 18 years and above. 

It was further concluded that the FDA is confident about the safety standards of the vaccine. FDA also recommended people consult with their healthcare provider in case of any doubts while choosing a vaccine for themselves. 

The CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky also reinstated the observations and recommended resuming the vaccines. 

Presumable impact of the vaccine on women’s health.

Experts like Dr. Robert Murphy, executive director of the Institute for Global Health and a professor of infectious disease at Northwestern University suggests, stricter warnings for young women opting for the vaccine. 

He urges choosing the other vaccines, namely, Pfizer and Moderna, that don’t pose such threats.

There were apparently 7 cases of blood clotting per million among women 18 to 49 years of age. Such instances were further lower for women above 50 years. 

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) considered the benefits of the vaccine above the risks. 

It was observed that for every one million administered shots, 650 hospitalizations and 12 fatalities can be avoided, particularly among women of 18 to 49 years of age.

Another advantage of the J&J vaccine is that it is single-use hence, storage, distribution, and transportation are more convenient. 

It’s a good choice for people who don’t want to go for second doses.

How fatal is Thrombocytopenia?

Thrombocytopenia (TTS) refers to a condition of low blood platelet count in thrombosis. It is caused by an immune reaction of the platelets involved in clotting. 

As a result, the platelets fuse together and reduces the blood platelet count. It shows symptoms like headache, abdominal pain, difficulty in breathing, or leg pain. 

Those developing such symptoms are advised to contact doctors.

TTS is effectively treated by using blood thinners and IVIG for regulating antibody activities.

Safer alternatives to the J&J vaccine.

Katelyn Jetelina, an assistant professor at the School of Public Health at the University of Texas In Dallas, stated that although it may not be easy to compare vaccines for their efficiency, their side effects are easier to analyze.

Those vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna reported more frequent instant local reactions to the second dose of shots, probably because the immune system is already sensitive after the first dosage. 

These reactions include redness or swelling of the injection site accompanied by muscle ache, fever, or nausea.

Since such side effects are not fatal, experts advocate the safe usage of the above-mentioned alternatives compared to J&J vaccines. 

However, the liberty to choose between the J&J vaccine and the other alternatives still rests with the individual, who can make informed choices after crucially weighing his health statistics.

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