J&J Booster Shots Can Soon Be A Reality

About 14.9 million Americans have received the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine. The Company says they have applied for booster shots approval but felt that the US Food and Drugs Administration is not serious about their boosters. However, now they are a step closer to getting the approval.

Johnson & Johnson’s booster dose data is on the FDA tables now, J&J announced on Tuesday.

 The FDA and the CDC are again under the limelight as their decision will be decisive of the vaccination drive in the United States.

J&J Booster Shots Can Soon Be A Reality

Apart from J&J, the FDA and CDC also have Moderna’s data for the booster doses. The advisory committee for FDA will meet next week and discuss the data from both Johnson & Johnson and Moderna.

Before J&J’s announcement on Tuesday, the firm expressed its regret through a column in New York Magazine. The message from the firm read, ” We are among the very few not so proud of ourselves,” the column’s heading was ” Johnson & Johnson & Regret.”

J&J Booster Shots Can Soon Be A Reality
J&J Booster Shots Can Soon Be A Reality

J&J Covid-19 rolls out as a one-dose vaccine. But despite its advantage over other vaccines for being single shot, its production came to a halt. One of the firm’s factories had mix-up issues, and the vaccine ingredients were found improperly mixed up. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a notice pausing the vaccine production with immediate effect. 

CDC decided to halt the production given the rare blood clot condition among several recipients caused by the manufacturing error. Afterward, the regulators added a warning label on it concerning women under 50.

The FDA and the CDC approved Pfizer-BioNTech’s booster dose in September. 

Johnson & Johnson now sees some hope as the FDA and CDC announces an advisory meeting in the coming week regarding the booster shots by Moderna and J&J. Moderna releases its Covid-19 vaccine in two doses, J&J administers the vaccine in a single dose. The booster doses will be the third vaccine shot for Moderna and a second for J&J. The data has not been entirely reviewed so far by the FDA and CDC.

Experts suggest that citizens administered with the J&J Covid-19 vaccine should not take the booster doses by Pfizer. It is advised to all the vaccine recipients to take booster doses of the same shot. The advisory is so because no trials so far prove the safety and protection provided by mixing and matching different vaccine shots.

Several Americans have so far received an unauthorized booster shot. The CDC data shows that about 1 million Americans got unauthorized Covid-19 booster shots before the release of the advisory. Dr. Fauci expressed his concern and said, ” we want people to understand that they should not do this.” He added, ” it is the human tendency, and we cannot do much about it. But the citizens should wait until they are in the category needing the booster dose.”

No shreds of evidence are stating that taking a different booster dose than the prior vaccination one is safe and effective. However, if your doctor approves of doing so, you may get your booster dose on their recommendation.

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