Jin Mu Won Heads To A New Mission! Release Date

Legend Of The Northern Blade is nearing its showdown. We can expect some hard moments in Legend Of The Northern Blade Chapter 130. Before that, however, Jin Mu Won had to prepare. Week after week, Jin Mu Won has grown stronger, and now that Neung Goon Hwi has channeled her energy into him, he seems stronger than before.

But to fight the almighty Moyong Yul Cheon, Jin needs to train himself. Now he must embark on a mission to find his true destiny. Perhaps he will get help from those close to him. But he needs to work on his skills. He will be inspired by a legend and maybe seek help. Read on to find out what he will do next.

The Legend of Northern Blade Chapter 130
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Legend Of The Northern Blade Chapter 130: What Will Happen Next?

In the previous episode Nine Skies, Neung Goon Hwi sacrificed her life to save Jin Mu Won. But it won’t help him escape Moyong Yul Cheon’s clutches. Somehow, Moyong will find out about Neung’s infidelity and how she planted the seeds against him. So Moyong will try his best to seek help from Silent Night to kill Jin Mu Won. There is a slim chance that Moyong will let Jin live and see how twisted the world is.

Meanwhile, in The Legend Of The Northern Blade Chapter 130, Jin will explore a new path in their lives with his Uncle Hwang and Mun Jung after learning the truth. Now he has a goal to achieve. So he will start a deep study to learn about the northern celestial sect Jin Kwan Ho. He will teach himself to follow Kwan’s path. But first he will give his sword for maintenance.

The Legend of Northern Blade Chapter 130
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A short summary!

In the previous chapter, Jeok Yeob, the Sage of the Nine Heavens, appeared out of nowhere and challenged Jin Mu-Won to a fight. However, Jin told his Uncle Hwang and Mug Jung to stay behind him as Jeok fired his swords. It soon turned into a massive blowout, with Jin rushing to hit Jeok with his black sword. While Jeok decided to distract Jin with his knowledge, Nine Skies Neung Goon Hwi arrived and ended the fight. She revealed they are trying to get rid of the Northern Heavenly Sect.

Nine Skies has allied with the Central Heavenly Sect. But there were rumors that they tried to cover it up by sending Demon Extermination Squad into battle with Silent Night. But it wasn’t true. The real man behind it was Moyong Yul Cheon, the invincible warrior who rules the world. She continued to narrate how things work and asked Jin to escape and practice in silence with Moyong behind him. So he has to train himself first to win the fight. She helped him escape Jeok’s clutches and later sacrificed her life.

The Legend of Northern Blade Chapter 130
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Legend Of The Northern Blade Chapter 130 Release Date

Legend Of The Northern Blade Chapter 130 will be released on Wednesday 6th May 2022. Brand new chapters will be released on a weekly release pattern, releasing every Wednesday. You can read the new episode on Kakaopage. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily keeps you updated.

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