Jamie Lee Curtis Plans Another Blumhouse Collaboration After Halloween

In addition to adapting elements from Johnson’s book, the film will also consider the accounts of schoolteacher Mary Ludwig and bus driver Kevin McKay, about whom Johnson also wrote for the Washington Post. Speaking of her passion for such a project, Curtis said, “As a lifelong Californian, I have watched with deep sadness the wildness and destruction of the campfire that consumed Paradise, California. As I listened to Lizzie Johnson on NPR and then read her amazing book, I knew I wanted to be able to turn this story into a movie and explore the human elements, tragedy and bravery that only a movie can deliver. I am pleased that my partners at Blumhouse have agreed.”

In addition to Curtis producing the film, she will be joined by Blumhouse’s Jason Blum. Lizzie Johnson will join the project as executive producer. Johnson said of the development: “There is still a long road of recovery for the people of Paradise and knowing that the city’s history is in good hands and will not be forgotten is vital to me. I was immediately impressed by Jamie’s compassion and her desire to understand paradise and its people. With her passion as a guide, I know this story will be told in a way that honors paradise.”

Next up is Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween Ends, out October 14, 2022. She is also set to star in the upcoming Borderlands movie.

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