Isekai Yakkyoku anime trailer confirms Summer 2022

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A recording from the PV of Another World Pharmacy. Photo credit: Diomedea/Youtube

Fans of the manga will be pleased to know that Another World Pharmacy anime is in the works. The series, also known by its original Japanese name Isekai Yakkyoku, is set to premiere this summer in July 2022.

The anime adaptation was announced over both the official twitter and website in 2021.

They have since announced the staff and cast for the series. They also revealed the OP and ED songs, released key visuals and the first promotional video.

Trailer for The Another World Pharmacy.

What is the story of Another World Pharmacy about?

If you’re not familiar with Another World Pharmacy, you might be wondering what it’s all about. The series is based on Liz Takayama’s popular manga “Media Factory” (Kadokawa) of the same title.

According to a translation of the official website, the series will follow the story of Kanji Yakutani, a renowned pharmacologist. After working himself to death, he wakes up to find that he has been reincarnated as Falma, the ten-year-old son of the well-known De Medicis family.

Trapped in a new body, he must adjust to a new world where things like magic exist while working as an apprentice to a royal court apothecary. Only Falma has an advantage, not only from his past life, but also from his current one. He is possessed by the divine ability to see illnesses in the bodies of others.

Seeing the corrupt state of medicine and medical practices in the new world he inhabits, Falma decides to use his knowledge and gifts to improve healthcare for all by opening his own pharmacy.

While they may sound similar, this is not to be confused with another medical Isekai series, Drugstore in Another World, which premiered in 2021.

What are the OP and ED songs from Another World Pharmacy?

One of the most recent announcements was that of the OP and ED songs for the series.

The OP theme will be Fantasy Chronicle by Kaori Ishihara.

The ED theme will be White Rain by Little Black Dress.

Who is in the cast of Another World Pharmacy?

So far, only the voice actors for the three main characters have been announced.

The main character, Falma de Medicis, will be played by Aki Toyosaki. You may know them from shows like Laid Back Camp and Fruits Basket.

Reina Ueda will speak to Eleonore Bonnefoi, a top-notch pharmacist. Her voice can be heard in Demon Slayer and Beat. Op fate.

Finally, Kaede Hondo will play Charlotte Soller, a servant of the de Medicis family. She previously voiced characters in Zombieland Saga and Wonder Egg Priority.

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Promotional image for the anime Another World Pharmacy, slated for release in July 2022. Photo credit: Diomedea/Twitter

Who is on the staff?

Some of the key collaborators for the anime Another World Pharmacy have also been announced.

Keizo Kusaskawa will direct the series. He has worked on series such as Bleach and Domestic Girlfriend.

Wataru Watari will be responsible for script and series composition. They are best known for their work as the creators of My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu.

Mayuko Matsumoto will be in charge of character design. Her work was also featured in Domestic Girlfriend.

The series is produced by Studio Diomedea (formerly Studio Barcelona), which has released series such as Ahiru no Sora and Domestic Girlfriend.

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