Is This The James Bond Movie That Inspired Austin Powers’ Iconic Outfit?

James Bond usually wears a smart suit that’s a little more understated but just as stylish as Austin Powers’ striking peacock look. However, there is one film in the Bond franchise where the protagonist wears a familiar piece of clothing. “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,” which stars George Lazenby as Bond, includes a scene in which the agent wears a frilly jabot. Observant fans of “Austin Powers” know that Powers is usually never without the decorative tie in his outfits. But unlike Powers, Bond doesn’t wear it as part of his usual attire in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – it’s part of his disguise. In the film, Bond has to pose as a genealogist named Sir Hilary Bray, so he wears the jabot as part of his Scottish Highland outfit (via Bond Suits).

Though a bit of a niche today, the jabot used to be a standout accessory for anyone wearing formal Scottish Highland fashion (via USA Kilts & Celtic Traditions). It was never officially said, but the scene in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” likely inspired the addition of the accessory in “Austin Powers”. In many ways, Powers is a parody of Bond, and the jabot could serve as the final matching piece to Powers’ attire. One thing we do know for sure is that much of Powers’ overall look is officially inspired by the late actor Peter Wyngarde, specifically his role as British adventurer Jason King (via The Wrap). The King character often wears late ’60s casual suits, and his global travels and frequent encounters with various women are probably some of the most readily recognizable influences.

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