Is The Queen Of Doom Dead? Release Date & Plot

The story of GOH takes new directions every week. Unfortunately, the pure souls do not last long. The Queen of Destiny could finally say goodbye to her companions. She vowed to save everyone, but obviously didn’t count herself among them. The final panel determined that the paramedic bled to death until he was unconscious. However, her condition has yet to be specified. It is possible that she could be saved. However, the new planet is completely destroyed, so there could be no reinforcements. There is a lot of uncertainty, and The God of Highschool Chapter 539 will surely bring relief to many readers. Can Jin Mori stop Mubong? Here’s everything about the latest chapter.

In the next chapter, the status of the medic will be highlighted. The woman had tried to save everyone from Mubong’s destruction as her final mission. However, she was injured in the process. Will she survive or is this the last time Jin sees her? Find out in the next issue.

The god of high school chapter 539
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The God of Highschool Chapter 539: What Will Happen Next?

The God of Highschool Chapter 539 will continue the events of the previous chapter. Mubong has finally turned into the god he rightly hated. He destroyed his creation and damned everyone on the planet. Meanwhile, Jin Mori and the medic traveled to the edge of this planet. The final panel found the Queen of Destiny badly wounded and on the verge of losing consciousness. The upcoming release will reveal if there is no more hope or the medic will rise again.

On the other hand, it seems that the people of Earth are safe and trying to make connections. The next chapter will find out how far people on earth will go to save people from the other planet. However, this will certainly happen. Finally, one last encounter between Jin Mori and Park Mujin is yet to come. But it won’t last long and will be seen very soon.

The god of high school chapter 539
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Summary of the previous chapter!

The God of High School Chapter 538 began with Park Mujin desperately wiping out his planet due to some unresolved bugs. Meanwhile, Jin Mori and the medic roll their cart with Generation X to the ends of the planet. People around him shouted at Jin Mori to stop Mubong. But they soon switched sides and threw stones at her. They began bowing to Mujin for mercy. However, none of this was fruitful. Mujin continued to kill every human he could target.

The next panel found the paramedic vowing to save everyone no matter what. Hearing this, everyone around them changed their minds and switched sides again. They started helping Jin and the medic to save her. Eventually, the paramedic saved many executives, including Jin Mori. The group took shelter in an unidentified building. As everyone celebrated, the Queen of Destiny was seen bleeding and unable to stand.

The god of high school chapter 539
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The God of High School Chapter 539: Release Date

The next release could be one of the most emotional chapters yet. Therefore, The God of Highschool Chapter 539 will be released on May 6, 2022. The chapter will be available to read on Webtoon. So keep coming back to The Anime Daily for more updates on this.

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