Is The Coronavirus Pandemic Ending?

Is The Coronavirus Pandemic Ending?

The pandemic has definitely slowed down, and the people of the United States of America have come a long way. From dealing with the highest number of cases being reported in the world to a significant decline in the number of overall Covid-19 cases, the situation has improved a lot. We have not completely recovered, and a wound still remains, but we hope that the pain of the wound subsides soon. 

Is The Coronavirus Pandemic Ending?

In recent developments, we see that the daily death count due to the virus has stumbled down to below 600, which is the least in the last ten months. There is a significant improvement still needed, but at least the downward slope in the graph for death is being seen.

Is The Coronavirus Pandemic Ending?

More than half of the states saw death rates fall in single digits and some of them also saw death rates equal to zero. It is one of the most rejoicing news as the states ease restrictions, and more and more people are administered the vaccine. Not just the death rate but the infection rate also saw a decline in recent times. The number of infections has fallen to below 38,000 per day when the average values are considered. This is the least number of infections that were seen in the country after last September. This is where the authorities managing the crisis and the healthcare workers can take a sigh of relief. 

The hospitals are not overburdened now, and everything can be handled, keeping in mind all the necessary precautions. The last time a decline in the daily number of deaths was seen in the United States of America was in July last year. After that, the situation had only worsened until now. Most people were dying during the mid weeks of January. Almost 3,400 people were losing their lives on a daily basis to this deadly virus. At that time, the country seemed underprepared and not ready to pursue the goal of betterment, but today with the correct leadership, the United States is healing.

The vaccination drives are in action and hundreds and thousands of vaccines are being administered on a daily basis. One of the daily newspapers Boston Herald celebrated the new achievement of no new covid deaths by placing a big zero on its front page. The newspaper celebrated that it is the first time that no new covid deaths have been reported in a State in the United States of America in the last 24 hours.

The State of Kansas that had reported a peak of 63 deaths in December of last year, has maintained a single figure of Covid-19 related deaths since February 2021. Not all states were able to achieve this milestone, but sooner or later, the situation had to become better.

One of the infectious disease specialists who works at the John Hopkins University has helped us understand how this significant decline in the Covid-19 deaths was seen. He pointed out that vaccines have a major role to play here. Vaccines were made available when the country was struggling with the pandemic very badly. Once a significant population was administered with the vaccine, positive results were expected and that is showing. The risk of infection after the administration of vaccines is still there, but people are being protected from death.

The primary aim of the vaccine was to disarm the virus of its killing effect, says the infectious disease specialist Dr. Amesh. More than 45% of the American Adult Population has been fully vaccinated and almost 60% of the Adult Population has received at least one shot of the vaccine.  

The President has affirmed that 70% of the Population will get vaccinated by July 4th.

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