Is Salt And Sacrifice Coming To Xbox Series X And Xbox One?

There is currently no word on whether Salt and Sacrifice will launch on other systems. Ska Studios FAQ states that games don’t always come to other platforms due to time and money constraints. While this doesn’t say definitively how the company feels about porting the sequel, it does provide some context.

Ska Studios hasn’t made any official announcements about a future Xbox release, however the scattered release pattern of the first entry gives an idea of ​​how the situation might develop. Salt and Sanctuary was released in 2016 on PlayStation 4 and PC. The developer ported it to PS Vita in 2017, to Nintendo Switch in 2018, and finally to Xbox One in 2019. However, there’s no guarantee Salt and Sacrifice will follow the same trend, this gives Xbox fans an idea of ​​how long they might have to wait.

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