Is Brandon Prado Leaving Chicago Fire?

As fans of all three shows in producer Dick Wolf’s One Chicago franchise know only too well, characters in any of these series can be killed, reassigned, or otherwise written off at any time and without warning. That’s part of what makes these shows exciting, and honestly, becoming attached to a character is always a risk. However, as a recent Deadline interview with “Fire” showrunner Derek Haas revealed, that won’t be the fate that awaits Brandon Prado’s character — at least not in the immediate future.

“We thought Todd really blossomed when we first saw him with Herrmann [David Eigenberg] at the academy reading [Todd’s brother John’s badge]’ Haas told Deadline. The Fire executive then dropped another hint that fans would be seeing more of Graham as the show progressed, saying, “We just thought it would be cool if Herrmann came back to the Academy for a different reason and.” he sees Todd there again, who reveals that he is now a candidate for the Fire Academy. The academy takes time, but it would be fun to see him show up as a firefighter.”

While characters from “Chicago Fire” or any One Chicago show can indeed disappear in the blink of an eye, Haas’ comment on Graham’s ongoing training at the Academy seems to indicate that Prado will be around for the foreseeable future, if not longer. Most likely, Prado’s true tenure as a character in the One Chicago universe has only just begun.

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