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Ireland Baldwin Shares Candid Photos Of Her Having Anxiety Attacks After Drinking A Cup Of Coffee

For most of us, a cup of coffee in the morning is a source of energy, but for Ireland Baldwin, it is a trigger for anxiety attacks. Ireland Baldwin, an American fashion model, recently posted some candid photos of herself on Instagram.

Having Anxiety Attacks After Drinking A Cup Of Coffee In The Morning 

At first glance, the photograph appears to show Ireland Baldwin as a peaceful and contented morning person, however at the time she took the photograph, her mental state was everything but peaceful and contented.

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At the time, Baldwin was going through an anxiety attack, so she posted a picture of herself holding a cup of coffee to show that even a cup of coffee may cause worry.

Her knees are folded over her chest, and her head is placed on her knees in the photo. It’s anxiety attack time,” she captioned the photographs.

Anxiety set in after I drank a cup of coffee on an empty stomach this morning. Right now, I’m sitting on the bathroom floor, typing away at this. As soon as I can no longer cry or vomit, I usually sit or lie down in a foetal position.

Coffee is a major irritant to her oesophagus and reflux trigger, and she has warned others that caffeine is not good for those who suffer from anxiety attacks. “You’re probably wondering why I drank it in the first place?” Baldwin said.

Because I’m such a fool, I’m the one to blame. Helps me get over it by writing about it and talking about it openly with you all.” She also urged her fans who suffer from anxiety attacks to share their experiences with Caffeine in the comments area of her post.

Following her post, many of her fans expressed their admiration and love for her, and many others have come forward to share their own similar stories about caffeine.

It’s no secret that the American beauty has publicly discussed her mental health and phobias with her followers on Instagram.

First, Baldwin had said that she suffered from cardiophobia, a dread of having a heart attack at any hour of the day, which she had previously discussed in an interview.

She’d even checked herself into the hospital due to her fear of having her heart checked, but the doctors found that she was fine and that she had nothing to be concerned about. Baldwin had opened up about her struggles with mental illness to her Instagram followers, and she didn’t hold back.

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