Inside Austin Butler’s Career Transformation

Butler was born in 1991 in Anaheim, California. His mother, Lori Anne, was a beautician and his father, David, is a real estate agent. Although his parents divorced when he was seven, by all accounts Butler grew up normally, if perhaps a little lonely.

“I didn’t really have a passion for anything involving other people at the time,” he recently told GQ. “I wouldn’t go to sports, I wouldn’t hang out with other kids.”

Although he attended Orange County elementary school, he was homeschooled as a preschooler and would do so again once his acting career took off. However, living in Anaheim presented a major hurdle for his pre-K studies: Disneyland.

“[I] I have vivid memories of my mom saying, “Let’s just go to Disneyland instead of doing schoolwork,” he told the Orange County Register in 2016. “I have such happy memories of this place.” But more than that House of Mickey Mouse was a trip to the Orange County Fair when Butler was twelve that would change his life forever.

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