Improved Number Of Viruses And Reopening Of Counties In The U.S.

Gavin Newsom, U.S Governor, has been preparing to open counties in the following weeks with a fall in  COVID 19 cases. 

Since the rapid decline in the coronavirus in some parts of the state is noticed, this will help other businesses when the rules and regulations will be liberal. So in areas where there is a drop in the virus attack, people can be happy that the restrictions will be minimal

Improved Number Of Viruses And Reopening Of Counties In The U.S.

Newsom spoke at the newly opened mass vaccination site in Los Angeles,  that was supported federally. A similar spot was also opened in Oakland as well. Each of these sites will be very helpful in vaccinating people of communities that are stuck hard by the pandemic. They are expected to deploy 6000 doses of vaccines every day to people of these areas. The opening of these 2 spots will be very worthy for those who are infected with the virus.

Improved Number Of Viruses And Reopening Of Counties In The U.S.

State and Federal government officials heralded the opening of their vaccination spots where more people can be accommodated. There have been positive responses and more vaccines are in demand than the capacity they currently have. 

Taking the test data under consideration, 3.5% of people who were tested for the coronavirus are getting back positive results.  A decline in the cases was seen in recent weeks. It has been relieving that the number of cases in the hospitals and ICU has considerably lowered. For reducing more contraction of the virus, reopening of the counties will be of great help for people.

 A 4-tier reopening system has been incorporated in California. This includes guidelines  stating how the businesses and schools must start their operation process and be strict with their personal gathering rules. A substantial number of counties will be part of the red tier that allows dining with25% capacity. The opening of movie theaters and gyms will be limited as well. Half a dozen counties in the northern part of California are already in the red/ oranger tier. 5 more small counties are also to be part of the red tier. Populous counties will take more time for being part of the tier.

The Governor claimed that California received 1.08 million doses of the vaccine this week.  An expected supply of 1.28 million doses should be reaching next week and 1.31 million in the next.  The supply of doses is increasing at a turtle rate and that has kept the state and local officials impatient. Even though LA County can capacitate 600,000 doses daily, there are no enough shots supplied. Since the contract signed with Blue Shield states that 3 million doses will be administered to the patients, officials are a bit relieved of the situation. The Dodger  Stadium in Los Angeles and Moscon Convention center in San Francisco were closed for some time without having enough supply of the vaccine. So the current goal of the state is to create enough capacity for vaccinating people quickly when enough doses are to arrive.

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