How Will The Vaccination Website Work For Americans?

How Will The Vaccination Website Work For Americans?

The latest idea in President Joe Biden’s plan of vaccinating people by the first of May is the website which is federally supported, to aid the people in getting the vaccine appointments. This website would be the expansion of the existing, which was launched in February. The website was built in partnership between the Boston Children’s Hospital and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC.

How Will The Vaccination Website Work For Americans?

This site would get shifted to the .gov domain, but all the details are quite sparse, and this will not be clear immediately how this website would be syncing with a mix of commercial and state platforms.

How Will The Vaccination Website Work For Americans?

These plans would be quite risky considering the various website failures that happened with some of the existing sites, which also failed, which had crashed in two hours from its launch in October of 2013. Jeff Zients, who is the coordinator of the task force of Covid -19 at White House. 

If one creates another new online portal, there are risks that this will be creating more hurdles for the people who are already unable to understand when they will be going to vaccinate. This will happen in situations especially if the website in question gives rise to new expectations as said by the associate professor, Ramesh Raskar, at the MIT Media Lab who is also the founder of PathCheck Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization for public health technology.

If there is a solution that is matching the supply for the demand, like Uber, is at this point not possible as said by Raskar who thinks there will be a better option that may help in removing the role of technology from this process. This government would be simply assigning the time slots, while it will also be creating lots of opportunities for the individuals to show up at the center and get them immunized without the need for an appointment.

President Biden is planning to build such a technology which is created in the previous pandemic. There was a website named VaccineFinder which was started by Google in H1N1 influenza during the outbreak in 2009 and has been taken over by John Brownstein, who is the chief innovation personnel at the Boston Children’s, that would help in the distribution of the covid-19 and other routine vaccines, like the vaccine of hepatitis and shingles.

But this site has some limitations which as per Brownstein will be addressed in the coming weeks, which also includes directing the users to the external websites, instead of allowing them in scheduling the appointments directly. Further, it will not be currently sending out the follow-up reminders for the second vaccine dose.

During the Obama administration, Ryan Panchadsaram, who had been discharging the duty of deputy chief technology officer of America, would be similar to adding layers to the cake.  

Panchadsaram has been working on this rescue effort of the website which has broken down in 2013, after this new digital undertaking that could prove much more critical. website has helped in enrolling 20 million for the vaccine and there will be more than 200 million people that would be looking out for the vaccine appointments as said by him. 

Zients said on Friday that this website could be connected with a call center that would be geared toward the people who don’t have access to the Internet. He said that the administration can also deploy various technology teams that would be helping in improving the local and state systems in scheduling the vaccine appointments.

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