How Will The US Have Enough Vaccines For All Adults By May?

How Will The US Have Enough Vaccines For All Adults By May?

Many vaccine experts have welcomed the steps by President Biden for the acceleration of timeline for the vaccine distribution. But, they have also cautioned whether companies will be able to reach and fulfill the promises they have made? As per many experts, there can be never 100% certainty about the manufacturing of the vaccine by pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. 

How Will The US Have Enough Vaccines For All Adults By May?

People think that making vaccines is like making widgets and automobiles. But, this is not the case. The comment was made by Dr. Robert Van, who is the president of Immunization policy and Knowledge translation, which is a vaccine producing firm. 

How Will The US Have Enough Vaccines For All Adults By May?

The process of vaccine creation is extremely complex. There are so many variables that need to be taken into consideration in case of vaccine manufacturing. Thus, vaccine manufacturers can’t count on each batch making it till the end.

Sometimes it can be possible to get a certain yield and all of a sudden, the yield can drop and you won’t even have any idea about how the yield dropped. There are lots of variables like test delays, failures, raw material supply chain, and different other reasons.

As per a statement made by president Biden on Tuesday, there will be enough vaccines available for every adult in the US. Many people also believe that the US could reach the milestone even by mid-April.

But, to reach the milestone, it is important to get 400 million doses from Moderna and Pfizer so that 200 million people can be vaccinated. In addition to this, 100 million doses of the J&J one-shot vaccine will be more than enough to vaccinate 255 million adults in the US.

The achievement is no doubt exciting and people are highly hopeful. But, we are within a view of turning a corner from a scarcity mindset. 

The Biden administration has made use of the Defense Production act to forge the collaboration between Merck and J&J. Generally, both these companies are fierce rivals. But, at this point of time, even rivals have come together to defeat the virus. 

As per information, Merck will also invest an additional $100 million to increase the manufacturing of vaccines and the vial-filling plants. These are the two major bottlenecks faced by the J&J vaccine.

With the manufacturing boost offered by Merck, J&J has agreed to ship 20 million doses by the end of the March and additional 80 million will be shipped by the end of May.

Both Moderna and Pfizer had initial plans to deliver 200 million doses each by the end of June. But, the process of manufacturing the vaccine by using the mRNA technology turned out to be faster than the anticipated deadline. Thus, the process of vaccine manufacturing has speeded up. 

The acceleration in the pace of vaccine manufacturing means that the doses will be abundantly available within a month as per many experts. 

As per an expectation by mid-April to may, all adults who want vaccine will be vaccinated.

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