How To Unlock The Spider-Man Zero Skin

For the dedicated Spidey fan, acquiring the Zero War suit couldn’t be easier (via Epic Games). When you purchase a physical Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War Comic 1st Print Edition, you’ll receive a redeemable code to unlock and outfit the snazzy new skin in your Fortnite file. Things get a little trickier if you decide to pick up the comic digitally through Marvel Unlimited. Those with a paid subscription and registered account must read all five issues of the Zero War series before October 28, 2022 if they want to purchase the Fortnite x Marvel cosmetics (including the Zero War suit and the five others are listed below).

Physical or digital, will be your destination to enter the code and jump into action. There are also plans to give players access to more Marvel collectibles when purchasing subsequent issues within the Zero War series. These include an Iron Man wrap for weapons, a Wolverine pickaxe, and a Fortnite x Marvel spray and loading screen. You can even score another outfit by unlocking all of the cosmetics in the collection.

If you’re not too keen on buying comics but really want the skin, don’t worry. Epic has said that the Zero War suit will be available through the Fortnite in-game store in the future. While it’s unclear when that will be or how many V-Bucks it will cost, it’s nice to know that there are multiple ways to acquire the skin.

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