How To Share Full Reels On Instagram Story 2022? Ways To Share Full Reels On Instagram Story

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Instagram began testing a new video feature called “Reels” in Brazil in November 2019, with plans to later expand to France and Germany. It’s comparable to Chinese video-sharing app TikTok in terms of functionality, with a focus on allowing users to produce short videos with sound samples from other posts. This feature allowed users to create videos up to 15 (later 30) seconds long. Reels also works with Instagram’s existing filters and editing tools.

Following the restriction of TikTok in India, Instagram Reels launched in July 2020. Reels was officially released in 50 countries including the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom the following month. A Reel button has just been added to the Instagram home page.

How to share whole reels on Instagram Story 2022?

To add videos to your Instagram Stories, most people use the Add to Your Story button. Then tap on the “Send” button on your Editor story screen and then tap on the “Add to your story” option. There is a fairly simple tweak that allows you to post full rolls of film in your stories this way. To share your story’s roles, click the Send To button instead of tapping your story selection. In this way, Instagram publishes the full-length rolls of film for your stories. Open the Instagram app on your smartphone, whether iPhone or Android. However, make sure you are using the latest version of the program; A previous version may lack some of the features listed below.


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How do I post a full role on an Instagram story?

  • By the way, there are two ways to fully share or post an Instagram story. However, one of the methods only works on the earlier version of Instagram.

  • So first and foremost, we’re going to learn how to share full 30/60 second reels on your Instagram story in a way that works on all versions and is 100 percent effective.

  • Finally, we’ll go over how to post full rolls to Instagram Story using an older version of the app. Let’s take it one step at a time, shall we?

method 1

  • Open the reels in your Instagram account that you want to share as an Instagram story.

  • Tap the three dots button and copy the link to copy the reels link.

  • Now open any browser and type “Instagram reels downloaded” in the search box.

  • Many websites will open, but you can choose from the top 5 Instagram download tool websites.

  • Paste the copied Reels URL into the search box.

  • To save specific Instagram videos to your smartphone, tap the download icon.

  • After that, open Instagram and tap on the “+” icon.

  • To add reels go to the fairy tale option.

  • Now tap on the downloaded reels that appear to select them.

  • As you can see, the story has been divided into several sections in chronological order. To go to the next option, just tap on it.

  • To share your story, go to your story and click the share icon.

method 2

Basically, you need to upgrade your Instagram account to Professional, then share Reels with Story, and finally share by clicking left arrow >. Let’s look at it step by step. First, make your Instagram account a business account. Go to profile

  • Open the Instagram reels that you want to share in your Instagram story.

  • Tap the share button while sharing other reels to your story.

  • Now tap on the left arrow icon (>) as shown in the screenshot below.

  • Finally, to add roles to your story, press the share button.

Note: By the way, currently this method does not work in the latest version of Instagram, although it used to be. However, you can try if you want.

Why can’t I share full rolls of film on Instagram Story?

As you may know, Instagram only allows users to post a maximum of 15 seconds of a story. However, Instagram reels are limited to a maximum length of 60 seconds and video size under 650MB or 10 minutes. By the way, most Instagram users post reels to their Instagram stories, but there are alternative ways for Instagram users to share movies to their stories. Whatever you post, whether it’s reels or videos, they won’t be fully shared because Instagram doesn’t allow you to upload entire reels to Instagram Stories.

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