How To Get To Coastal Cave Elden Ring? A Guide To Get Coastal Cave In Elden Ring

Elden Ring of the Coastal Cave

The Elden Ring Coastal Cave is a location. The Coastal Cave is located on the southern part of the West Coast in Western Limgrave. This cave leads to the site of the Church of the Communion of Dragons. Boc the Seamster is a pleasant NPC who has endured a lot of misery in Elden Ring. You first meet him after saving him from a spell that turns him into a tree, which starts a quest line that can reward you with free armor modifications. Finding him will be difficult, however, as he first appears in the Coastal Cave, where he is injured by the demi-human enemies deeper inside. Read on to learn how to get the Coastal Cave in Elden Ring.


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How to get to the coastal cave Elden Ring?

  • Start by driving Torrent west to some cliffs from the First Step site of Grace, where you start the game. You’ll see a ledge where you can safely drop and then a section of broken walls where you can dash down to the shore.

  • From here, walk northwest and you’ll see the cave mouth on your right. Aside from Boc, further inside the cave there is a Demi-Human base controlled by two Chief monsters who drop the Sewing Needle item which you can bring back to Boc to continue the quest line.

  • If you haven’t encountered Boc yet, go to him somewhere southeast of Stormgate and follow his voice: hit some trees and you can free him. You will see more of Boc later in your travels. If you make it to the end of this cave, you’ll find a valuable landmark where you can trade dragon hearts for powerful powers.

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Coastal Cave Elden Ring – where is it?

The Coastal Cave is just east of the launch site in West Limgrave. For some extra light, you may want to purchase a torch from Merchant Kalé in Church of Elleh for 200 Runes. Cave Moss and a Land Octopus Ovary are among the crafting resources found in the cave. There are many demi-humans in the cave. Stealth will keep these enemies from calling each other to warn each other. Since you haven’t made the bosses aware of your existence in advance, if you sneak through or defeat all enemies before entering the boss area, the fight will become significantly easier.


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Elden Ring Coastal Cave Rewards

Defeating the bosses will give you cutting tools and Boc’s sewing needle. Continue through the tunnel’s back channel to the small island west of Limgrave, where you’ll find the Church of Dragon Communion, which contains several spells, another Place of Grace, and a Teardrop Scarab. All artifacts found in this area are listed below.

  • cave moss

  • Land Octopus Ovary

  • root resin

  • sewing needle

  • Silver Firefly

  • Smoldering Butterfly

  • tailoring tools

  • how to get to the elden ring coastal cave

  • Where is the coastal cave Elden Ring?

  • How to get to the Coastal Cave?

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