How Stranger Things 4 Will Flip The Script On The Villain In Volume 2

In an interview with Empire Magazine, Ross Duffer explained that his characters – much like the central characters in the 1987 vampire film The Lost Boys – will band together to bring Vecna ​​down. Like the Frog brothers Edgar and Alan (Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander) and Sam Emerson (Corey Haim), they face odds that seem pretty insurmountable from the outside.

With that in mind, it’s perhaps not surprising that the Hawkins gang has a similar level of confidence – after all, they’ve battled some extremely nasty opponents over the past three seasons and always managed to pull through. “It’s fun to see people come up with a plan and try to outwit the bad guy. That’s what Volume 2 is all about. Of course, not everything goes according to plan…” Ross told Empire.

Matt Duffer added that the final episode of the series will be filled with SFX footage, a higher number than Season 3 of the program. His brother Ross chimed in and teased for an hour of non-stop action in this episode. “It’s the most complicated thing we’ve ever attempted,” he continued. “[It’s] all the excitement and anxiety, with a running time that would be long even for a movie. Then – well, everything goes to hell…”

Sounds like fans are in for a blast when Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 comes out on July 1st.

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