How Should Parents Handle Puberty In Children?

How Should Parents Handle Puberty In Children?

Puberty includes a series of events with part liberating, part humiliating, and is considered as one of the greatest stages of metamorphosis. It is said to be the first step to your adulthood which is hard to trace back to the starting point.  According to an adolescent medicine specialist at Dr. Richard J.Chung, at Duke Health, children who are going through this have to be managed well by their parents. Puberty starts at the age of 8 and can go long till the early 20s. 

During this long journey, parents have to be strong and should know when to worry, when to relax, when to stay quiet and when to explain. The main part is that they should know when to hold tight and when they should let go.

How Should Parents Handle Puberty In Children?

Initial signs of puberty in boys and girls

Many children begin their puberty in late elementary school as for girls’ age is eight years, and for boys, it is nine years. According to Dr. Chung, many other children start puberty at high school as for girls, the latest age is 13 years and for boys 14 years. The whole puberty process is continuous between two to five years; however, psychological maturity can take time.

  According to Chung, the first puberty sign for boys is testicular enlargement, and in girls are breast budding or small humps under the nipples.’ These initial puberty signs are triggered by hormones and are followed by many other emotional, physical, and cognitive changes. These changes comprise muscle changes, fat mass, and body hair growth.  All of the above signs, the most notable signs of puberty, are starting menstruation in girls and sperm production in boys.

How Should Parents Handle Puberty In Children?

 Dr. Chung advises parents that they may check these physical changes in children during puberty. He said, ‘we may try to connect directly between shifting moods and hormonal changes during puberty; however, there is no virgin correlation. There are many reasons young people might   act differently and are not related to hormonal shifts.’ 

He also added that ‘for a parent, it is not tempting to analyze everything, but they should understand that it is a complicated matter. Children go through not only the physical and hormonal changes but also social and emotional changes.’

The main point is that puberty hit differently to everyone and not one size fits all. According to Chung, ‘there is generally a particular procedure that includes the time it starts, how it progresses, and where it ends, as there are many variations.’ He said that ‘we have talked regarding this matter to parents as they often google and find an away which they find hard to cope with and which leads to anxiety.’

Parents should help their children

Chung wants all parents to help their children and wants their parents to make sure their kids feel comfortable and discuss any type of changes they feel in the body. The only way to stay close is to offer the sense of changes before it all starts and make space for any confusion or concerns during puberty. In this way, they can help them to deal with this complicated and vital phase of life.

During puberty, nobody feels normal.

Nobody feels normal during the puberty process, whether you are early bloomers, later bloomers, or middle bloomers.

Dr. Jess Shatkin, professor of child and adolescent psychiatry, parents should keep in mind the way the people around them can sexualize them for girl early bloomers. For boys, early bloomers’ parents should keep in mind that this will make them more inclined towards risky behaviors in comparison to their peers. the main thing parents should do is to listen to them and talk to them and offer time to them so that parents and children both and deal with the situation smoothly.

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