How Climate Change May Be The Biggest Villain On Deadliest Catch

According to the Anchorage Daily News, rising water temperatures have led to a decline in cold-water crab numbers in the Bering Sea. Of course, this has implications for Alaska’s fishing industry, and the captains and crew members who mann the ships on Deadliest Crab understand this all too well. Climate change has forced the gang to venture into uncharted territory to find crabs and keep the series going. However, it wasn’t easy to make adjustments at times.

Executive producer R. Decker Watson, Jr. has acknowledged that climate change is a real issue affecting the reality series, though the issue has polarized certain viewers. “It’s a big risk for us to discuss climate change because so many people can think it’s a political issue when in reality it’s not, especially in relation to the fishing fleet,” he said to Associated Press. The phenomenon was even hailed as a guest star for Season 13, and while the cast and crew hoped to use the show as an opportunity to educate viewers, Watson, Jr. also tried to avoid politics. “At the end of the day, Deadliest Catch’s job isn’t to educate people, it’s to keep people engaged,” he added.

Captain Keith Colburn addressed climate change during a conversation with Bloomberg, claiming it’s also causing “unsteady weather,” making everyone’s jobs more dangerous.

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