How Can You Get A COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment In Every Bay County?

Eligibility criteria have suddenly changed and due to a shortage of supplies received, it’s all about priorities. People above 65 and more,  people with underlying conditions, and those who are disabled were given priority. There have been MY TURN Sites that provide you with the correct information about when would be your turn. If in case you are not eligible you can sign up and wait for you to get notified.

How Can You Get A COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment In Every Bay County?

If there is no state portal availability, you could check out Bay Area Counties for their new system in place.

Alameda County

The state’s guidance as to which groups are allowed to get vaccinated first is followed strictly by Alameda County. Alameda county allows you to fill a form if you wish to get notified when it’s your chance. 

Kaiser Permanente has been vaccinating health care workers, long-term patients who need extra care, their caregivers, and also emergency medical workers.

If you are 75+, the Kaiser team will contact you about when you can schedule for an appointment soon. Contact them  by calling 866-454-8855

Sutter Health has also been vaccinating those people included in Phase 1 and also elder people aged 75 and above. Contact the Sutter support team today at844-987-6115. You can also contact the Alameda County Health Department on 510-268-2101 and they would suggest you with a nearby health center to getting the vaccination done.

Contra Costa County

People who are 65 and older can get an appointment request by dialing 1-833-829-2626. Even health care workers can request an appointment.  For Health care workers under Kaiser Permanente, they can directly schedule with the company itself.

Marin County

Residents at nursing homes are provided with onsite vaccinations and healthcare workers are vaccinated by their employers themselves as part of the Phase1A distribution. Considering the public next, 75-year-old elders will be prioritized for the next phase of vaccination with around 25000 residents falling into that group. Residents can check their eligibility by calling 415-473-4381.

Napa County

Napa County has begun vaccinating  75+ residents and will move on to the 1B phase vaccinating the 65+ residents. To learn more  call 707-253-4270 

San Francisco County

Residents in the nursing homes and health care workers have already started taking  vaccines. 65+ aged residents are eligible and they need to fix an appointment soon before the supplies run out. Even though notifications won’t be provided for months, because of a shortage in supplies, you can make efforts to call 415-554-2500 and enquire further.

San Mateo County

Healthcare providers have been doing well to provide the vaccinations and for any assistance Call 650-573-2222 and get your appointment fixed.

Santa Clara County

Appointments for 75+ aged people have been scheduled by Kaiser and Palo Alto Medical Foundation. Stanford has started vaccinating 65+ residents. Residents and health care providers can contact the concerned vaccination providers or contact  408-992-4900.

Solano County

By vaccinating 75+ aged residents, Solano County is still working on Phase 1A vaccine distribution. To know about the progress call 707-784-8988 and see when can you get an appointment next.

Sonoma County

Sonoma county vaccinated health care workers and nursing home residents first, The progress can be checked and you can also contact your healthcare provider for an appointment.  Contact the Sonoma county’s health department -707-565-4700.

Lake County

Lake City has made it available for elderly people, teachers, and school staff to fix an appointment.  They are expected to receive more supplies in the coming weeks. Contact the County health care department at 707-263-8174.

Santa Cruz County

This County has been providing vaccines to the elderly who are 75 and above. Even the Health care providers were granted vaccine doses. For further information, you can contact 831-454-4000

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