How AHS Fans Really Feel About The Season 10 Finale

“Death Valley” continued the show’s tradition of not surviving the landing of its season finale, according to fans who posted to the American Horror Story subreddit. “Was the end… an accident? As if they accidentally cut the rest of the episode?” u/charlesluka94 asked for a conclusion where an immortal (thanks to alien technology) Mamie Eisenhower (Sarah Paulson) failed to stop a mass extinction orchestrated by aliens, so they can take over the planet with their new human/alien hybrids. It’s a somber and abrupt end to a short series that had fans like u/Nitsua-Nat commenting, “I feel like I just got dropped off on a date.”

Twitter fans were equally harsh on the conclusion. “I just took every extraterrestrial conspiracy theory from the last 70 years and stirred it up,” he said @TrooperFozzy. “What was the point of Death Valley? Four episodes that solved nothing and even less answered it,” he said @JCalabration6.

We’ve previously noted that fans have expressed dislike for the ending to Death Valley, if only because it doesn’t touch on the story of American Horror Story: Asylum, in which alien abductions are a large part of the narrative accounted for . But the more benevolent creatures of “Asylum” weren’t involved at all in the dark storyscape of “Death Valley”.

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