High Anxiety In Black People With Police Contact

High Anxiety In Black People With Police Contact

The Health day news claimed that in a new study it was stated that Black Americans already know that they are vulnerable to different disorders like anxiety and depression and it increases when they are in contact with a police officer or having the anticipation of being in contact with police.

High Anxiety In Black People With Police Contact

According to Robert Motley who works as a Lab manager at the Washington University in St. Louis claimed that it is an important factor no one generally notices but it had cleared the picture of the relationship between police violence and the mental health seen in a lot of the researches going on and the outcomes have been frightening since the incident of the Mike Brown.

High Anxiety In Black People With Police Contact

He added that the exact or the true number on how much is the impact and the exposure due to violence caused by the police and mental health and they don’t have sufficient data to confirm the exact exposure of many people to the non-fatal police officials or their forces. In a survey where around 300 people participated all studied at St. Louis University.

It was seen that there was a moderately high anxiety level in the students when they have anticipated a contact of police. He explains that there are several reasons behind it.

First of all, due to unemployment and witnessing communal violence, their anxiety automatically increases when the situation is associated with police involvements.

Researchers had a technique to assess the anxiety levels by various sessions of questionnaires. They studied the participant’s records of any sort of police experience in the past 30 years and checked their anxiety level.

Seeing the video of police with criminals or any sort of violent action taken by the police to take hold of the situation, gave rise to the anxiety level of most of the participants.

The study found that almost every participant had an experience with the police around 2 times and had one to one police contact around 7 times. The video in which police is seen taking action and using force was seen around 34 times by each individual.

The participants also witnessed communal violence or violence that does not involve any contact of police around 10 times to date. Researchers suggest that these can be the reason behind their high level of anxiety because they have already faced riots and know the role of police when they use force.

This increases the hormonal dysfunction giving anxieties. Motley claimed that the violence was one of the reasons, but further, it was influenced by incidents like the incident of Michael Brown who was shot dead by a police officer in the year 2014 that may increase the chances of anxiety as well.

Brown is one of the most common incidents depicting the violence caused by the police after the George Floyd incident which recently happened where a black citizen in the United States was choked to death by the police officers last year.

He concluded by saying that people who have anxiety should be considered for treatment because if it increases the citizen may come into the world of drug abuse that can hamper their lives and properties.

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