Here’s Why Professor Proton Has Big Bang Theory Fans So Divided

u/Capable-Economist399 stepped into a veritable hornet’s nest on Reddit and started a thread about how they find the episodes of Professor Proton boring, saying, “I love TBBT, but I just don’t like the episodes that Professor Proton appears in . I don’t know why, but I somehow find her almost sad. Am I the only one?”

Agreeing with the original poster, u/queenofhues also dislikes the proton-centric episodes and finds the depiction boring. User u/GreyStagg also had some strong opinions, writing that they immediately skip the Proton episodes because they think the character is a one-note joke and don’t understand why the audience screams with delight when he appears.

Still, some came to Proton’s defense, with u/MajorZombie7204 stating: “Aside from the first two episodes with him, Professor Proton’s episodes are the ones in which he appears as a manifestation of Sheldon’s subconscious. For me at least, it really gives us a lot of insight into what Sheldon is really thinking and struggling with. Since Sheldon is usually very private about what he really thinks, that’s enough to be interesting. Others also shared her enthusiasm for the professor, such as u/CTFDYDB, who wrote that Proton’s reactions and jokes towards Sheldon were absolutely golden. User u/Jinther also wrote that the professor’s presence on the show adds another layer of humor and they think he’s a great addition.

Ultimately, there are two different camps when it comes to Professor Proton, but at least we know where Sheldon stands.

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