Here’s What The Critics Are Saying About Top Gun: Maverick

Ahead of the film’s theatrical release in late May, an early screening of Top Gun: Maverick was shown to several critics at this year’s CinemaCon in Las Vegas, NV.

While Top Gun fans should likely expect more reactions to the hit film on social media in the coming weeks – especially following its screening at this year’s Cannes Film Festival – it looks like initial reactions to Maverick all have been overwhelmingly positive so far. In fact, many of the critics lucky enough to catch the film’s CinemaCon screening go out of their way to praise its action sequences. /Movie Editor Ben Pearsonfor example, tweeted that “Maverick” “has absolutely killer air action. It’s exactly what the fans will want.”

Elsewhere, Shaurya Chawla tweeted, “‘Top Gun: Maverick’ is a lot of fun, loaded to the brim with some amazing flight sequences (Tom Cruise is a real nutcase for some of them)” while Germain Lussier wrote: “I’m a huge ‘Top Gun’ fan. But I think even if I wasn’t, I would have loved Top Gun: Maverick. The action is intense and beautiful.” Collider editor Stephen Weintraub also tweeted: “Absolutely loved by #TopGunMaverick. Amazed by the cinematography and flight scenes.”

Of course, anyone who has followed Tom Cruise’s career closely over the past few years will not be surprised to hear that the action scenes in “Top Gun: Maverick” are impressive. In recent years, the actor has continued to push the boundaries of what can be accomplished and performed on screen, and all of the early Top Gun: Maverick trailers have done their best to spotlight the film’s hands-on flight sequences to move .

However, not only the action scenes in “Top Gun: Maverick” seem to have been well received by critics.

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