Here’s What Critics Are Saying About The Black Phone

When reading reviews of Scott Derrickson’s adaptation, “The Black Phone” is mostly praised for the film’s ensemble cast and performances. The young actors in particular embody characters who not only deal with kidnappings and serial killers, but also with domestic child abuse, bullying and sibling bonding.

“Intentionally fast-paced and understated, with its rare but perfectly placed horrors, ‘The Black Phone’ is first and foremost a character play, and Derrickson has assembled an impressive cast of child actors,” writes critic James Marsh for the South China Morning Post. “Thames carries the drama impeccably, while 11-year-old Madeleine McGraw is an absolute riot as Finney’s younger sister, Gwen, whose dreams may hold the answers to her brother’s whereabouts,” says Marsh.

Simon Abrams of TheWrap writes, “Mostly thrills, thanks in part to its strong ensemble cast.” Little White Lies reviewer Anton Bitel stated that “The Black Phone” does a great job of doing things outside of the typical Hollywood Horrorkiste, writing, “Gwen is a great character, swearing and clumsy, while a typical cinematic medium would be fey and ethereal. ”

Critic Marisa Mirabal describes Finney von Thames in her IndieWire review as completely vulnerable and exactly what a viewer would expect from an “underdog protagonist” as she describes him. Of his on-screen sister, Mirabal says, “Right from the start, McGraw is a force to be reckoned with.” At the end of the day, however, one performance stands out above all and that is the film’s biggest star.

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