Study Finds Heart Medications Do Not Affect COVID-19 Outcomes

Study Finds Heart Medications Do Not Affect COVID-19 Outcomes

People are of the opinion that those who are on cardio medicines are at a higher risk of developing complications from Covid-19. However, as of now, there is no direct evidence to substantiate this. Many types of researches are already underway. They mostly suggest that cardiovascular drugs do not affect the outcomes. Therefore, people who develop Covid symptoms should continue to take their heart-related medicines. Researchers are continuing their research to further substantiate the claims our out rule them. 

Study Finds Heart Medications Do Not Affect COVID-19 Outcomes

When the pandemic struck, most people having CVDs or cardiovascular diseases were a bit confused. There was a lack of knowledge in the very beginning. However, in the past 14 months, several types of research revealed that heart medications do not have a direct relation to Covid severity. 

Study Finds Heart Medications Do Not Affect COVID-19 Outcomes

Covid-19 And The Heart System

Most people are aware of cardiovascular diseases. It is one of the leading causes of death across the world. It includes conditions of the blood vessels, arteries, veins, coronary artery disease, and heart failures. When the pandemic hit the world, most people concluded that those with heart issues were all set to get affected more than others. Moreover, people concluded, that those with the disease had higher chances of hospitalization. Tim Chico from the University of Sheffield explained in detail the virus and its implications.

He stated that the virus binds to the proteins that are present in the blood. It also lines the blood vessels. It results in the renin-angiotensin system responsible to regulate blood pressure. This leads to a worsening of cardiovascular health. Many high doses of medicines that treat cardio functions and high blood pressure also lead to worsening Covid symptoms. 

Research on ACEs And ARBs

To check the truth behind such claims, researchers have delved deep. They took out 500 databases, for studies on this. However, it is a rapidly updating field. What proves a truth in one inference, maybe disapproved later. With the pandemic still raging, the only option is to study the results continuously. Whatever researches are already underway, has shown results. Researchers have zeroed down two often used heart medications. Both ACE inhibitors and ARBs are constantly prescribed by doctors. They ward off complications related to high blood pressure and strokes.

The researchers study the medical response of a small sample population, suffering from hypertension. It was previously inferred that Covid-19 outcomes were a bit worse in such people. They created another group, not taking medications, but susceptible. The results that came out did not show any direct relation between the medicines and the Covid symptoms. 

Thus, it is inferred that there is no direct effect of heart medications on Covid-19. The findings are extremely reassuring. Heart patients have breathed a sigh of relief. Thus, people who take these medicines must continue to do so. Moreover, it has been noted, that the outcomes may be positive enough. Thus, most patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases must continue to take the medications.

Covid-19 May Increase Complications If Medicines Are Stopped

Moreover, Covid-19 can cause a lot of additional damage if the medicines are stopped all of a sudden. It is especially true for people above 60 years. They are more prone to severity and hospitalization. Stress can impact such individuals as well. Moreover, the rising pandemic has caused all sorts of complications in people’s lives. It has also led to a higher incidence of heart diseases and hypertension.

Jobs are at stake and more and more problems arise due to financing drooping. So, in such a scenario, individuals need to take preventive care of their health. The social distancing norms are extremely important for people with symptoms as well. Hence, medicines are the only hope.

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