Hearing Loss: Common Among Older Adults

Hearing Loss: Common Among Older Adults

Hearing loss is one of the worse and common among older people, according to studies of networks of JAMA. Hearing loss is commonly caused due to noise, any disease, ageing, or it can also be hereditary. Pei-LunKuo from the national institute of health, in 2003 and 2004, collected data to examine the association of hearing loss and measured the physical activities of around 291 adults ageing from 60 to 69 years. 

Hearing Loss: Common Among Older Adults

The researchers claimed that the loss of hearing might be associated with reasons like low to high physical activities, less time in intense physical activity, more time in sedentary activities after comparing different sex, ages, physical environment, race etc.  

Hearing Loss: Common Among Older Adults

Some people have hearing loss and don’t even realize it. There are various signs you should keep in mind, like if you have trouble hearing over mobile, hard to follow a conversation or asking people to repeat what they were saying, then you should surely consult a doctor before it’s too late and your ear gets more damaged. Hearing losses have many types ranging from low losses to difficulty in hearing high pitched sounds.

It is mainly divided into two categories, namely, sensorineural hearing loss and conductive hearing loss. The sensorineural hearing loss is due to the damage of the inner ear, which is permanent in most cases. The Conductive type of hearing losses is when the sound waves are unable to reach the inner ear. This can be due to earwax buildup or a punctured eardrum. Medical surgeries are often done to cure the conductive type of hearing loss.

A punctured eardrum may lead to hearing loss too. The eardrum may get damaged due to any sort of infection or insertion of objects like cotton-tipped swabs. You should always consult a doctor if you feel that fluid is draining through the ear. Old age adults having diseases like diabetes or blood pressure can also lead to hearing loss. Virus infection or any type of surgery can make the condition even worse.

Hearing loss can also be due to medications like ototoxic, which damages the inner ear, which is generally used for heart patients. Even Aspirin, in some cases, makes it worse. Otosclerosis is a hereditary disease that is basically an abnormal growth of bone in the ear that prevents the patients from listening and adds to hearing loss.

Hearing loss is an issue over which adults should take care of. There are various changes you can make to cope up with hearing loss; first of all, let people know that you have hearing issues. Ask people to face you and speak clearly and slowly.

Always pay attention to the gestures and facial expressions while dealing with hearing issues. But in the early stages, always visit a doctor to seek advice and cure. The family doctor may be able to cure your hearing issues, or they can refer you to any renowned otolaryngologist or an audiologist who is a professional in hearing issues and can suggest measures to deal with it. 

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