Healthy Heart In A Healthy Body With A Healthy Mind

Healthy Heart In A Healthy Body With A Healthy Mind

Stress, tension, and depression all these factors often affect an individual in a highly negative and dangerous way both physically and mentally and also socially. A healthy individual is the one who is not only free from any disease but also lives inside a healthy mind and body. All these things affect the mental health of an individual, leaving to some life-threatening diseases, including heart attack and cardiovascular diseases.

Healthy Heart In A Healthy Body With A Healthy Mind

Studies are done over the two hundred eighty-three heart attack survivors, which included the people aging from teen 18 to old age 61 with an average of 51 age people. The study was done on the basis of a questionnaire that had dealt with anxiety, depression, stress, anger, tension, and also post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) within the time interval of 6 months after their heart attack. Researches have segregated the individuals as, high, mild or moderate sufferers of mental distress.

Healthy Heart In A Healthy Body With A Healthy Mind

Results were out with 47% individual being the patient of high mental distress and 22% of them being mild sufferers of mental distress in American College of Cardiology (ACC) virtual meet schedule at May 16th. All these results are considered to be preliminary until and unless they are published under the renowned authorized journal.

Dr. Mariana Garcia, a cardiology fellow at Emory University in Atlanta, once stated in an ACC news release that cardiologists must assist the psychological assessment values, especially when it comes to young individuals when treating heart problems. Garcia added to this by saying that one should give equal importance to treatment modalities for ameliorating psychological distress in case of young patients suffering from a heart attack by providing them with medication, a holistic approach, and relaxation techniques with the traditional medical therapy and cardiac rehabilitation.

This was the first study to be done on heart attack survivors with their mental health taken into consideration. Anyways, the results were much similar to how it was founded for older people, and the important fact to be note down here is that mental health can be considered a very important part when it comes to recovering from a heart attack.

What was the additional finding to this was there is definitely some relation between the stress inflammations at much-increased risk of heart attacks. Also, people who are black, female, regular smokers, diabetes, high blood pressure, poor economic conditions are much prone to heart attacks when compared to other people with no such factor valid to them.

Gracia has also stated that our study has also explained the socioeconomic status in regards to the heart diseases suffered all around the world and raised the question related to race, sex, and also some other important factors.

Everything mentioned above gives us a very clear idea about our mental health is not only important for or are healthy body and easy living but also is very important for a healthy heart. The heart is an important organ that plays a very crucial role in the body, which is the pumping of blood throughout in case any disturbance to this may lead to serious consequences.
This leads us to the conclusion that we must make sure we stay stress-free, confident and take care of our mental health by doing exercises, yoga, and meditation. The most important is to keep smiling and laughing; as you all know, laughter is the natural stress buster.

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