HBO Error Code 321, How To Fix Error Code 321 In HBO Max?

HBO Max error code 321

HBO Max is a subscription-based video-on-demand service in the United States owned by AT&T through its WarnerMedia Direct subsidiary, WarnerMedia. HBO Max is primarily a multimedia hub for WarnerMedia’s many film and television offerings, although it was developed around material from pay-TV provider HBO of the same name. It offers a variety of original programs and library content as well as third-party licensed content. Like all online apps, this one can have its own share of quirks. Scroll down to learn more about the issue and possible solutions.

Why Does HBO Max Error Code 321 Occur?

This error is often caused by a service failure or an unstable server. Error code 321 displays the message “Oops, something went wrong” on your screen to alert you that there is a problem. There are several reasons why this can occur. You can find them listed below,

server problem

It’s possible that the HBO Max server is down or that it was intentionally taken offline for scheduled maintenance. You can see if HBO’s server is down right now by clicking here. If so, you’ll have to wait for HBO to resolve the issue on their end.

Bad Internet

You’ll get error code 321 if your network has intermittent internet connection or if your bandwidth speeds aren’t fast enough for HBO max to stream.

Corrupt software files

Your HBO Max application software files may be corrupted. Contaminated files slow down HBO’s performance and prevent it from working properly.

Outdated app

If you haven’t updated your Home Box Office to the latest version, the service will become unusable. Apps are constantly updated to improve speed and ensure compatibility with different operating systems.

Conflicting browser settings

If you’re using your browser to access HBO Max, you may have some conflicting settings that are preventing the app from loading properly. Browser extensions and VPNs can cause problems when accessing your Home Box Office.

How to Fix Error Code 321 in HBO Max?

Below are some of the possible solutions to fix the problem.

Ensure a proper internet connection

The main reason for error code 321 is a faulty internet connection. How to fix it

  • Disable and delete all linked devices from your network.

  • After that, close any background apps or other programs and restart your computer.

  • The router or modem should then be placed near your device.

  • Connect all remote devices to your network or connect them to the router with an Ethernet cable.

Change your DNS

Changing DNS has helped several users with the HBO Max app weak connection issue. It’s secure and you can use trusted services like Google and Cloudflare to change your DNS servers. Here are the steps for

  1. Open Settings on your Android phone.

  2. Go to Network and Internet Settings.

  3. Click Private DNS here.

  4. Change it from Automatic to Private.

  5. Then enter as the DNS provider hostname and save.

Clear browser cache

If the above remedy doesn’t work, consider clearing your browser cache as it can get corrupted and cause problems streaming videos on HBO Max. To improve loading speed, most web browsers store frequently accessed websites and other multimedia content on your device. While this improves response speed, under certain circumstances the web cache may introduce unexpected complications. Here are the steps for

  • Open a web browser and click the three dots icon in the top right corner.

  • After that, go to More tools > Clear browsing data now and select a time period from the top menu.

  • Select Cookies and other site data, Browsing history, and Cached images and files from the drop-down menus.

  • Close the window by clicking Clear Data.

  • Finally, turn your computer off and on again.

Update the HBO Max app

Make sure the app is updated. Normally, the auto-update feature is turned on, so updates are downloaded automatically. If it’s disabled, you’ll have to do it manually. You can check the in-app notifications to see if updates are available.

Do a power cycle

By reinstalling the functionality of the entire network connection and gadgets, Power Cycling maximizes streaming conditions. So do a full power cycle by turning off all devices, including the router and modem, and waiting a few minutes before turning them back on.

Make sure HBO Max is online

Many customers have confirmed that they are unable to access HBO Max due to server issues. Server issues are believed to be the cause of the HBO Max error 321. In this situation, contact the HBO Max support team and report the error so they can properly investigate.

Uninstall and install the app

If none of the above methods solve the problem, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app when the problem is resolved.

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