Hard-Hit Testing In Michigan

Hard-Hit Testing In Michigan

When the world is passing through a very difficult phase- a phase no one had ever imagined even in their wildest of dreams, vaccines have emerged as the only ray of hope for the chance to survive. These vaccines have been developed by different countries using somewhat different combinations but the target remains the same  – to bring relief to mankind suffering today with a rare type of pandemic. 

Washington is putting in all efforts through federal resources to support vaccinations, testing and therapeutics, but not vaccines, to Michigan. This was done as an effort to control the state’s worst-in-the-nation COVID-19 transmission rate, the White House said Friday.

Hard-Hit Testing In Michigan

President Joe Biden emphasized the moves last Thursday in a call with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to discuss the situation in the country, according to senior administration officials. Contrary to the move advocated by Whitmer, it will not include a surge of vaccine doses.

Hard-Hit Testing In Michigan

Instead, Biden explained in detail  how the federal government is planning to assist Michigan in better administering the doses that are already allocated to the state, as well as increase surge testing capacity and drugs for treatment of virus.

During a press conference on Friday, Whitmer confirmed in front of press that she had asked Biden on the call to send some more vaccine doses to Michigan, particularly those of the single-dose Johnson & Johnson shot.

She said that she made the case for a surge strategy. She added that at this point, that’s not being deployed, but she is not giving up.

Doses are currently being  allocated to states proportionally by population, but Whitmer has asked for some extra doses to be shifted to states, like Michigan, that are experiencing a sharp rise in cases of infection.

White House COVID-19 coordinator Jeff Zients said that though not favourable this is  the fair and equitable way to distribute the vaccines. He said that we’re going to stick with the allocation system of allocating by state adult population calling it “the fair and equitable way” to distribute the vaccines. He said that the administration was looking to assist Michigan administer more of its vaccines efficiently to more and more people.

Officials explained that surging vaccines might not be nearly as effective in controlling the spike in cases than  by increasing testing and restoring mitigation measures like wearing of masks and curbing high-risk activities like indoor dining, social gatherings and youth sports. That’s because it takes two weeks’ time after the second dose of  vaccines for immunity to begin. 

Biden has said to Whitmer that the administration is standing ready for sending another 160 FEMA or Federal Emergency Management Agency and the CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention personnels to the Michigan in assisting in the vaccinations, plus on top of this a 230 federal health professionals are already deployed to this state for supporting the pandemic response operations.

President Biden has added that he is directing the administration for prioritizing this distribution of Covid-19 doses through any of the federal channels, like some retail pharmacy programs or community health centers, in many areas of this state as identified by Whitmer.

The country is in a war with the virus, that requires the leaders from across the U.S. that can work together as said by the spokesperson of the  White House, Chris Meagher. They are in contact with the Governor Whitmer, that is working very hard for keeping Michigan very safe, and plus in working in a very coordination with a range of various options which can help in stoping this spread of the Covid-19.

Around 39% of the residents of the Michigan are aged above 16 or older that has got at least a single vaccine dose.

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