Halloween: Covid-19 Cases May Rise Again.

Halloween: Covid-19 Cases May Rise Again.

Autumn brings time to visit pumpkin patches with family, planning Halloween parties, and preparing for the upcoming fall festivals.

But the Covid-19 virus is still in its severe form. The United States is still under critical conditions caused by Covid-19. The rising Covid-19 cases are because of low vaccination rates, the spread of the Delta variant, and reopening schools.

Experts believe that the fall-festive season may add to the severity of the situation.

Halloween: Covid-19 Cases May Rise Again.

The number of cases reported after this year’s labor day was higher than last year. The Covid-19 infection was on the rise in the United States and the Labor Day weekend brought a boom of 300% higher Covid-19 cases. Hospitalization also rose by 150%.

It is important to emphasize that most of the patients hospitalized due to the Covid-19 virus are unvaccinated.

This Autumn season is sure to bring about public gatherings. These gatherings will be a cause of infection spread all across the United States. 

Halloween: Covid-19 Cases May Rise Again.

We are listing things you should keep in mind to stay safe.

Go for outdoor events. Social distancing is easy to maintain in outdoor events and gatherings. It will ensure that you and your family attend events with safety.

The CDC also suggests that several individuals do not require using a mask in outdoor open settings. The immunocompromised individuals may follow guidelines issued for unvaccinated people.

The experts, however, suggest that outdoor activities like apple picking, visiting pumpkin patches, and outdoor gatherings do not impose a high risk of infection. 

Elizabeth Stuart says that attending events where maintaining social distancing is not a reason to worry much. She adds that when attending such events, always use a mask if you come near others. 

Experts suggest that people should always prefer small groupings and maintain social distancing. 

In the United States, California now has the lowest Covid-19 infection rate. California recently saw a surge in new Covid-19 cases and hospitalization. The state saw a sudden decrease in hospitalizations and new infection cases.

The highly contagious Delta variant is all over the United States now. The Delta Variant is responsible for the surge in the number of Covid-19 infections.

The number of deaths per day in the United States is as high as 1,900 on average. It is more than it was in March.

The contagious Delta variant is prominent now. Apart from this, Americans over 12 years of age are now receiving their vaccine doses. Experts denote vaccination as the “strongest defense” against the virus.

Despite the high availability of vaccine doses in the market, only 53% of the American population is fully vaccinated. Only 62% of Americans are eligible for vaccination as of now.

From the data of the US Department of Health and Human Services: Georgia, Texas, Florida, and Arkansas are among the states with 10% ICU capacity. Ranney states that “ vaccination must be the priority.”

The United States reported as many Covid-19 deaths as it reported during the Spanish flu. The number of Covid-19 deaths in the U.S. is now 6,75,000.

The Spanish flu of 1918-19 is considered the deadliest disease in human history. If Covid-19 will surpass that flu is still unclear.

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